E-sports is “already a challenger” to traditional sports, says FPS dev

IncGamers: Whether or not ‘e-sports’ or ‘competitive gaming’ is a real sport or not is up for debate. Personally, I don’t think it is (for reasons that I’m not going to waste 800 lines explaining).

However, Nadeo’s live producer on Shootmania Edouard Beauchemin believe that it is and that it is already challenging the viewing figures for “some” traditional sports.

As far as Shootmania is concerned, the team at Nadeo designed it with e-sports in mind; both for competitors and spectators.

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TheMasterShake2231d ago

where do people get this notion from? Competitive gaming is not a real sport period.

iamironman2231d ago

so what is it a challenger to? the over 65s skateboarding championship? wheelchair tennis?

gimme a break. sports get way, way, way more viewers than half a million. to say it's a challenger because of that number is silly.