Call of Duty teaches children 'lessons of morality', says war vet

Violent video games can teach children "lessons of morality" and are partly to thank for the reduction in violence during the nineties, former SAS operative Andy McNab has claimed.

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yewles12326d ago

I... don't... even........................

Hatsune-Miku2326d ago

And Super Mario games teaches children that turtles are evil

Psycho_Mantis2326d ago

No...they teach children how to get high. Off of mushrooms of course.


yea i'm on the same boat as you.
So your telling me i can kill people while running out in the open and if i get shot i can re spawn to my last checkpoint.................( Special Ed voice ) Genius

iamnsuperman2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

To be fair that is not what he is talking about. He talks about the characters being moral icons for children (like David Beckham type of thing) and (a separate point) caters for the natural instinct of us to run around killing things and COD is very similar different to playing toy guns as a child but using modern media(you must have played toy guns as a child)

r212326d ago

Is it me or is something different bout your avatar, hmmmm... New beard?

Anyways, faceplamed quite hard when the war vet admitted that.

DeadlyFire2326d ago

You don't even what?

The digital age that is starting to be born has shown quite a bit of a decrease in violence. Partly because people can experience violent simulations rather than actually violence.

Rating boards in every country exist to showcase what content is actually in a video game to parents and buyers. Its not their fault that parents don't read it.

I have played violent M rated games since I was 12 or so. It hasn't harmed me one damn bit. Get over this violence is bad for children crap. Reverse psychology on kids to keep them away from violence simulations only makes them crave it. A parents job is to teach right from wrong in all cases.

CyberCam2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

"The digital age that is starting to be born has shown quite a bit of a decrease in violence. Partly because people can experience violent simulations rather than actually violence."

You can't be serious? Are you actually looking at the world around you or are walking around with blinders on?

I've been coaching high level soccer for over 20 years, and I've seen a change in the many generations of kids (it's getting worse & worse every year). All entertainment media (not just video games) have taught our kids to be more aggressive & devalue human life.

All you have to do is go into any city in the world at rush hour and look at the aggressiveness of people, how angry people are and how many fights break out on public transit as well as road rage.

Look at how much war is in the world today and how many people are being killed it. There are more people being killed daily by present war than in world war II. People are so desensitize by it, they don't notice or even give it a second thought... most are more concern on what's happening in the lives of the rich & famous, than they are with their fellow humans in the war zones.

I agree that parents have been increasingly doing a poor job at raising their young with good morals. They themselves are poor examples on the sidelines of games, arguing, threatening & fighting with each other & the referees. This is what the kids see all the time!

Just because long term exposure of violence hasn't turned you into a mass murderer, does mean you have become more aggressive natured in your everyday life. The effect on you might be more subtle than the majority of individuals, but it's there!

CyberCam2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

To continue on...

Many of the terrible régime’s throughout history have used similar propaganda media repeatedly to train their people to be more aggressive & devalue the lives of oppositional humans. It was only the military soldiers back then. Repetition is the key word here!

Look back in history, Hilter, Stalin, Nepolean, Ceasar Augustis, even all the way back to Biblical rulers like Nimrod, Cyrus & Alexandar the Great.

Young kids are very impressionable, what ever they watch, they rein-act. When I watched TV, I did it with cops & robbers. Before my time it was cowboys & indians. After my time it expanded to ganster, horror chop -em ups & military shooters etc. Again the key word is repetitive exposure!

The key is some kids have that sound parentage to ground them, others don't and more & more don't these days, while the media that trains them up gets more sophisticated & more violent.

You know it's bad when a soccer coach has to teach them the proper etiquette on how to greet people (good morning, afternoon & evening) say please & thank you

DeadlyFire2325d ago

Not saying a world of violence doesn't exist, but in general crime rates are lower in most major cities are down in some countries more than they were a decade ago. Then again I am comparing that to the population increase. If you don't do that then it does look like they are up.

Its a parents job to teach impressionable minds what is right and wrong. If a parent doesn't act to stop violence in front of their kids they will see it as an alright thing.

How many times have you witnessed something bad in your life that someone should have helped someone and they just went right on by them. I have witnessed many things.

I had a flat on Interstate last week and flat spare. Had to wait for someone at night. Someone else pulled up behind me and two people got out stopped for a minute and acted like they were switching drivers. I had a full crew in vehicle. If I was alone they would have likely tried something. I am not a fool to way people are in reality.

We have yet to really see what a world of violence looks like. This is only the beginning of what a world of violence can be. I know the way things have been going and its only going to get worse. I see an extreme world like Judge Dreed's more than possible in our distant future.

A video game gives no value to the way it truely feels to harm someone else.

Its like saying a picture is going to make me kill someone. That doesn't work on me and it shouldn't work on anyone else. There are ignorant minds in the world the do anything for anyone. Its not central to any one place, but universal to all that the lower class citizens have nothing usually fight to do something about it at any cost.

Aggressive people exist, but that doesn't mean anything in terms of real world violence. There will always be some aggressive people and ignorant people. You just have to learn to live with them and deal with it the right way. Stick up for people they go after and make sure they notice people stick together to shut down their aggression. It leaves a mark on the way they think about the next situation they are in.

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GrieverSoul2326d ago

Well, you can see the same things in various diferent perspectives.

But one thing I know... if a zombie apocalypse ever comes, trust gamers to survive it!!


you can add to that Alien invasion as well.

i_da_pappy2326d ago

At least until about round 20. Then they gonna start to get their butts handed to them


pfft only noobs die in lvl 20 sht gets real after lvl 30

kostchtchie_2326d ago ShowReplies(1)
IRetrouk2326d ago

It shouldn't be teaching children anything because children arnt supposed to be playing it

FunAndGun2326d ago

If they are playing it at least the children are learning early that their parents really don't give a poop.

IRetrouk2326d ago

Funny but true, a lot of parents today seem to use consoles and games as babysitters instead of using them to spend time or hang out with their kids, it's a shame really

amaguli2326d ago

I don't remember any moral stories in any of the Call of Duties. Unless the moral is to call people obscene names while playing online, then Call of Duty did their job.

calibann2326d ago

Call Of Duty has never advocated nor encouraged threatening remarks or bullying while playing online.

However, a little competitive teasing never hurt anyone. Those kids who are heard spouting racism, sexism and a whole other bunch of 'isms' were not provoked or encouraged to do so.

If they're not doing it on COD, they'd be doing it somewhere else. It's down to the individual.

Call Of Duty doesn't teach anyone anything, it only highlights our nature as humans to work as a team and either shake hands with the losing team or tease them, depending on whether they are sore losers or good sports.

amaguli2326d ago

Hm, I guess I should have phrased it better. Call of Duty gave them an outlet to spout all this verbal abuse.

I agree that there is no harm in a little competitive teasing, but racism and sexism is way beyond that. That is a completely different subject on it's own though.

DeadlyFire2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Rephrase that again.

The Internet has given them an outlet. Its not solely Call of Duty. That is a very narrow view of it.

Video games are not the only competitive sport that people do this towards each other in. Others do it just the same when they play games/sports among friends. Games are bigger outlet because there is no recourse for their actions.

pompombrum2326d ago

Nothing I didn't learn from rap music.. I increased my swearing vocabulary ten fold when I started listening to rap music when I was 9 years old.

Guess all the kids learn it these days from XBL lol.

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