Push-Start Game Review: Mark of the Ninja

James Steel writes -
"Klei Entertainment, most well known for the Shank series, takes a shot at the stealth action genre with Mark of the Ninja. Solid platforming mechanics work in perfect tandem with the atmospheric art and sounds to create a stealth action game that really allows you to strike fear into your enemies. Klei’s stylistic charm returns, as well as a number of gameplay mechanics adapted from other games of the genre, though has this change of pace resulted in an entertaining experience?"

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KMCROC542236d ago

This weekend i am ninja

Perjoss2236d ago

can I borrow one of those smoke bomb things that make you disappear? always wanted to try one.

JellyJelly2236d ago

Is this out today!?! *Runs to Xbox*

jammy20492236d ago

Yup, one of those weird Friday releases.