Are Rare working on an Un-licensed version of Golden Eye

The report also indicates that Rareware are developing a new game which is heavily based on the original "GoldenEye 007" title, with just the Bond licenced elements removed. This is apparently being warmed up incase a break-through deal cannot be made with Microsoft and Nintendo to release to ported verion of the 1997 best-selling Bond game to both Wii and Xbox.

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Relcom4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

008: Goldenear, starring Jim Fond.......

Remember mike tyson punch out on the VC while back? All they did is change the name and it was good.

Whatever it takes to get the game, DO IT!

I Call 9MM4331d ago

The name's Fond, Jim Fond.

The BS Police4331d ago

The funny thing is they allready made an unlicensed Goldeneye before, tan it's called Perfect Dark.

pwnsause4331d ago

or the name is Bill, Bill Games 098 as in windows 98

I Call 9MM4331d ago

Funny thing is, BS police is quite right, that is what Perfect Dark really is. New levels, features and new characters, but exact same gameplay. Timesplitters plays and feels the same as well. There are definately a few 'spiritual successors' to the GoldenEye name out there.

007craft4330d ago

actually goldeneye and perfect dark did not have the same gameplay elements. They were near identical except for the hit damage. in goldeneye, only 3 bullets of damage could effect a characters health over 1 second. This means if a character was pumped with 30 bullets, from 3 different players with an ak-47 in 1 second, they would only lose 3 bars of health. You can actually see this by seeing bullets going into a player close up and them not taking damage inbetween the flashes of health loss.

In perfect dark, it was like todays modern games, where every bullet that hits you does damage. This means 3 people firing 30 bullets from ak-47 into your character would kill you. This made machine guns and fast fire weapons alot more deadly in perfect dark which resulted in easier kills, shorter battles and more deaths.

Personally I loved the goldeneye style more because it made the battle drawn out and epic, even 1v3 battles. I dont mind the perfect dark system however.

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I Call 9MM4331d ago

It suprises me in some ways, and not at all in others that a deal cannot yet be reached between Microsoft and Nintendo on this game. Nintendo was just the original publisher, and last time I checked, publishers can change over time. I'm not sure what rights they still hold to this game, but they are obviously enough to keep it from seeing the light of day as of yet.

I know Nintendo is very particular about licensing anything out to anyone, especially a competitor like Microsoft. But, from my understanding, it seems like Nintendo would be able to make quite a profit not only on GoldenEye but other Rare made games as well. I'm sure I heard Microsoft and Rare were also planning to release other Rare made games from the past onto the Virtual Console as well. Battle Toads, Banjo Kazooie, Jet Pac, among others, are all potential canidates. I think Nintendo should just fold their cards and take the deal they are being offered. Heck, these might not even just be emulated ports but upgraded ports with new graphics and better framerates. What is there to lose? Consceding over GoldenEye isn't that much of a loss, especially when they will probably (almost 99.9% certainty) have it on the Virtual Console as well.

Microsoft has released games onto Nintendo systems before (through intermediaries, but still), could it hurt that much to do it the other way around one time? All the other players have signed on to let this project see the light of day. Activision (current bond license holder), MGM, Rare, Microsoft. Nintendo is the weak link, I hope this will eventually change.

If not, well the original Perfect Dark is a decent substitute. Port that game over and add the bond multiplayer levels and guns to it, and presto, the most important part is released.

I Call 9MM4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

Here is an idea: Nintendo let's Microsoft have GoldenEye if they give Nintendo the right to use Master Chief, in some manner, in Smash Brothers. lol, wouldn't that be funny. They could make him into the punching bag thing maybe. In all seriousness though, both companies are great I just thought it would be funny, kind of like finding the "Doomed Space Marine" in Duke 3D or Lara Croft having "raided her last tomb" in shadow warrior. Gotta love 3D Realms and their jokes.

IntelligentAj4331d ago

This would be great news if confirmed. I still have my Goldeneye for N64 but I wouldn't mind playing a new iteration of the game(while still maintaining it's major points)

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