Mark of the Ninja Review – Xbox 360 ( Ninja have been the stars of video games for many years. Titles such as Ninja Gaiden, Bushido Blade, and Shinobi have all allowed us to step into the shoes of the fearsome assassins and kick some serious ass using swords, shurikens, and awesome ninja magic. However, apart from the Tenchu series, most titles portray ninja as action heroes – running through battlefields, taking on enemies face-to-face, and using a wide variety of deadly weapons.

Mark of the Ninja is the latest game in the genre, and brings things back to their roots. The character you control uses stealth, silence, and deception to bring down his foes – striking fear into their hearts and eliminating them before they know what’s coming. This is the mark of true ninja greatness, and one that Klei Entertainment have managed to deliver so perfectly....

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Blankman852234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Stealth Ninja!! Finally!! Used to love wearing a turtle neck and a hoodie as a kid. . .if you had any sort of childhood you'll know why.

fermcr2234d ago

Damm...i'm going to wast more money.

Perjoss2234d ago

It's not wasted, unless of course you buy it and then don't play it.

MasonicGamer2234d ago

Don't worry it is not a waste of money you will love it.... Let me know your thoughts once you have played it.

GearSkiN2233d ago

Dl the trail to have a taste first