CheatCC Review: Turok (3.8 out of 5) - Old Franchise Gets Next-Gen Makeover

CheatCC writes: "Without the wild card of Jurassic giants, Turok would feel a lot like other first-person-shooters you've played recently. Its lush jungles will remind you of Far Cry and Crysis, and its endless army of clone-like super soldiers will remind you of...well...take your pick; this past holiday season alone gave us more generic baddies--Area 51, F.E.A.R. Files, TimeShift--than you can aim a plasma beam at. Thankfully, Turok breaks the familiar feel with its ground-shaking T-Rex's and its human-hungering raptors. Whether you're watching the beasts from afar--they are pretty to look at--, high-tailing it away from their vicious attacks, or driving your hunting knife through their skull, their presence is welcome in this over-crowded genre. In fact, we'd love to see a sequel that forgoes the human threat entirely and just drops us in Jurassic Park."

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YoMeViet4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

wow Turok got the same score as EA's Rail Simulator from this site....