Culdcept Saga Reviewed by IGN

Closing comments by IGN's Nate Ahearn:

"Culdcept Saga is enjoyable; let me start by saying that. I didn't want to claw my eyes out with those big velociraptor claws from Jurassic Park the way I thought I would. That having been said, Culdcept Saga isn't a good game. It rests too heavily on the original's mechanics and doesn't tread any new ground aside from the requisite Xbox Live play. It's obviously trying to bring in new players by not being overly complex, but its depth is hurt because of it. Spend 40 bucks on Culdcept Saga if you're desperate for a card game but don't want to deal with the real thing (or you have no real friends) or if you've ever been interested in what these games are like, otherwise you won't want to bother."

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