DMC4 is 720p on PS3 & 360 Despite Blog's "Press Release"


"A certain Gaming Blog got a tad worked up over a supposed Capcom Press Release, which states that the console versions of Devil may Cry 4 run at a sub-HD resolution. This press release was fake."

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Rice4327d ago

Woah, honestly i dont really care if the game doesnt run at hd resolution look at Halo 3 and COD4, those two games were great but not at hd....

Peekay4327d ago

this is a lesson for all the "news for fanbois" 640P thread last night - don't jump to conclusions. Play games not pixels.

meepmoopmeep4327d ago

like anyone here can tell the difference between what, 100 pixels? the game looks sweet and plays sweet, nuff said, now go buy it and game on!

timmyp534327d ago

The game looks and performs great ,so why should it matter?

IntelligentAj4327d ago

I damn sure don't. Game still looks great

techie4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

100 pixels!!!!!????? WTF. It's not only 100 pixels, it's about 300,000 pixels actually! And a whole bunch of people cared in the article that said it was guys are a tough crowd.

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mintaro4327d ago

does a lower res change the gameplay? if not than i see no problem

undacovabrothe4327d ago

ITS NOT SONY OR EVEN MS FAULT WHY A GAME IS NOT FULL HD. Last time i checked the devs make the games and is FULLY up to them on whether a gme runs at 30 60 or even 120 frames a second at 720/1080 i/p displays. The technology is there its up to developers to use it.

BobDog4326d ago

lol, no console can run a game at 120fps and 1080p,

maybey they could if it looks like a ps2 game

unjust4326d ago

That is why HD and Blu-ray are so unimportant right now because developers will never use these discs to the full capacity they are capable of. I bet we wont even see any games running in 1080p until the next consoles are out.

BobDog4325d ago

there are some games running on the ps3 at 1080p 60fps, some 30fps, but they are no graphical master peice, far from it

ThaGeNeCySt4327d ago

Other than that... I want everyone in that other thread to eat their crow.

"waaah waaahh it's below 720 i'm cancelling my pre order waah waah waaahh thanks xbox360 waah wwwaaaahhh capcom sucks"

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The story is too old to be commented.