David Jaffe To Keynote Game Career Seminar At GDC 2008

Famed God of War developer David Jaffe will deliver a keynote address at the Game Career Seminar during GDC 2008. Jaffe's keynote will be geared towards individuals interested in learning how to build a successful career in the video game industry.

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meepmoopmeep4323d ago

was accessible via internet stream. it sounds really interesting. i hope he posts it on his blog for everyone

Spike474323d ago

He'll give us some GOW3 footage :)

Iamback4323d ago

he cant give you anything because is isnt working any more for Sony santa monica, he has his own studio now.

g4n4323d ago

$20 says he swears during the keynote speach... this guy is about as low class as a 14 y/o with a 2mil bank account... go look up some of his other "statements" and you'll see.

Figboy4322d ago

i love David Jaffe for the same reasons that most people hate him:

he's a loudmouthed @ss, but he's generally right, and he speaks the truth.

as for his cursing? i don't see why that's a big deal. he's a human being. i find it absurd that people in various industries are held to different standards than everyone else.

Jaffe's an @ss, but a funny, opinionated @ss. something tells me that he might be disappointingly subdued at GDC, though. but you never know. this *IS the Gaming *DEVELOPERS Conference. it's honestly not meant for the average Joe, but for developers to talk to one another and learn about useful technology. it's just gotten so much coverage by the media because often, a new game is announced that shows off said technology.

i'm really looking forward to GDC this year. last years was great, and while i'm not expecting fireworks from this one, i'm hoping to get some new information on the games that were shown off this past year (ie, Infamous).