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MrWonderful4329d ago

im at work and cant go to the website. can someone please post these for me to read

resistance1004329d ago

'His biggest find is that Dead Rising 2 is apparently in development for multiple consoles -- but that Capcom isn't developing it. Apparently the actual coding is being handled by an LA-based developer (kind of like how developer The Collective is working on Silent Hill 5).

Another interesting tidbit is that for those PS2 owners who don't also own a PSP, God of War: Chains of Olympus may be headed to the console as well (though it'll probably be later on down the line, perhaps similar to how Twisted Metal: Head-On was just revamped for PS2). And in other cross-platform Sony porting, the PS3's Everyday Shooter will likely pop up on the PSP at some point.

And you know that rumor of a Wii-like motion controller for the PS2 that's been floating around for a while? Apparently it is not far off at all. And speaking of other things that are not far off: the unveiling of Sony's Ico sequel.'

Not really a great deal

cloud360-7th_account4329d ago

hey why dont we help each other out. sometimes am at highschool and cant click on the link. for those at work we can copy some of the info from the link.

so guys if you dont mind everytime there is a big announcement can somone like copy some of the info from th site i promise i will start doing this if other people help out

NEO_X4329d ago

gonna have to diss-agree with you on this one the next sequel from the ico team is amazing news

mikeslemonade4329d ago

Some nice goodies that Sony is apparently releasing soon down the pipeline. And Dead Rising 2 is going to be multiplatform. There's very little chance that it's going to be 360 exclusive. Initially they may annouce it for just 360 but in the end it's coming to the PS3.

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MK_Red4329d ago

NOOOOOOO, Please don't screw up Dead Rising 2. Why isn't Capcom doing it :((((((((
Please Capcom, don't let western devs ruin your masterpiece. I'm already sad about Silent Hill 5 and now Dead Rising 2?

THE_JUDGE4329d ago

Where is your faith? I don't see a problem with Capcom giving someone else a crack at it. I see only potential in both SH5 and DR2. From what I've seen SH5 is coming along nicely.

MK_Red4329d ago

Sorry Judge but SH5 so far has been disappointing IMO and seriously, even if the new team does manage to make a great game (Hopefully), it will still be much different because of the change in developer. Just look at difference between Infinity Ward and Treyarch's Call of Duty games.

No one can make a sequel better than original dev most of the time.

THE_JUDGE4328d ago

but I think that the pedigree for the SH games has been off the last few times. Th strongest title was 2 and the most recent one, 4, was a huge departure from the formula and pretty disappointing. I think that the new dev team could breath new life into the series.

heyheyhey4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

its good to know that this time Dead Rising is heading to the ps3 as well

can someone port the original as well, i played it my friends house, but i would love to add it to my collection

and unveiling of ICO game FTMFW!!! i hope its more like SoTC than the original ICO

jackdoe4329d ago

The original had an incredibly broken save game system which is probably one of the reasons why Capcom didn't port DR1.

Lord_Ash4329d ago

Ok so we are still waiting for the ICO thing, anytime now...

Hatchetforce4329d ago

All I can say is screw you 1up and EGM. You have had your head up Microsoft's rear end for two years and you took every opportunity to crap on the PS3. No one wants to buy your rag now, okay? If we want news on the PS3 we'll look elsewhere.

Shane used to support Sony and then he rolled over and took every stab at Sony he could. Take a hike pal. Your company is in bad, very bad financial trouble and I can't wait for them to fold.

Genki4329d ago

As the momentum shift is underway, we'll start seeing the same media outlets quietly and modestly singing PS3 praise. All the while they'll also be slowly but surely noticing more of the competition's shortcomings. Shady journalism, but it's been here for so long that I find it hard to imagine that others still don't see it or just choose to ignore it. Apropos, many of the same folks who screamed for the heads of these outlets will begin to warm up to them. When this is referenced in the future, the reaction will most likely be, "well, publication X finally came to their senses!"

We trust way too easily...

Personally I don't think bias has anything to do with it, it's all about creating the controversy and following the dollar(IMO). Just as bad though...still doesn't require a shred of professionalism or integrity to take on such a mindset.

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The story is too old to be commented.