First Review Scores Out For Borderlands 2 & FIFA 13

The first review scores are in for highly anticipated shooter Borderlands 2 and footy title FIFA 13.

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Lucreto4338d ago

Didn't like the first Borderlands.

I am unsure about this one. Does anyone know what is done different in this one than the first?

zeal0us4338d ago

What about the first Borderlands you didn't like? Just curious

Lucreto4338d ago

I am a hoarder. There was certain guns I liked and didn't want to throw them away. The lack of inventory space and a storage spot annoyed me. I know about the dlc for storage but that is limited.

Secondly the areas were empty and nothing really pushing the story. A few more NPC's and talking points would have been nice.

Carl_Shocker4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

See that was the problem for me Lucreto, I'm a hoarder in these types of games...gathering the unique weapons in Fallout 3 for example but Borderlands, it just seemed pointless when you would find new weapons as you level up. I really think some of them, the unique ones that were hard to get should of leveled up with you.

I think the only thing I didn't like about Borderlands was driving to locations, back and forth and when quick travel was available it was a pain to keep going through loading screens back and forth. It wasn't that bad driving to locations but some enemies spawn points were just annoying, that one right next to Fyrestone for examplewith the bandits.

koehler834338d ago


A game with that many guns isn't really suited to the hoarder mentality. You find the type of guns you want to use and you replace them as you find better guns to fill the same role. Though the lockers offered in the Mad Moxxi expansion catered a bit better to it. It was a poor decision to make it DLC. I think that's likely to be a feature of BL2 right from the start.

As for the story, that's something that was lacking in the first one and Gearbox seems to have made a priority of fixing this time around.

Bathyj4338d ago

I couldnt get into it either.

Seemed like you had to grind alot. Early on youre just shooting small animals the whole time. When you do go up against someone substantial you could empty multiple clips into him and he didnt die.

I heard the game get really good if you persevere but I just didnt play it enough.

I might give it another try.

ABizzel14338d ago


All those problems should be fixed in Borderlands 2. As you said the DLC for storage space should now be a part of the game allowing you to keep more weapons (I'm a semi horder, but if I find a better & similar gun I'll drop it for someone of a lower level to use).

The story and world should be much better and focused this time around. That was a huge thing they planned on fixing this time around, so it should be more entertaining to play, and provide you with more fulfillment.


I agree that the weapons should have leveled up with you, because som weapons (Especially Repeaters) seemed to get worse the higher they were in level. Repeaters would do a lot more damage, but their Fire Rate's were awful and you literally had to grind for hours to find decent ones. I had a Level 22 Repeater that had 2x Fire Damage and a fire Rate of 22.2 (decent damage for the level I think 32), and the higher level (65) form had 154 damage, 2x Fire, and a 5.6 Fire Rate. Maybe they'll take note of that and try something with that for B3.


That's because it's meant to be played as a co-op game on your first playthrough. If not things are going to be tough for you. It took you 10+ clips to take down your first mini boss, we'll if there were 4 of you it would only take 2+ clips. The enemies are bullet sponges especially the bosses which is why you should play it as a co-op game until you level up enough to go solo, and even then I advise you to go back and complete easier missions the group missed on your solo run, if you don't have healing abilities or else your money is going to drop to nothing soon.

Anymore question?

oNIXo4338d ago

You have a storage space now, that you can share with anyone on your PS3/360. So if you find an awesome weapon for a character you don't use you can save it until that character is lvl'd up enough. I like hoarding shit too, but when I found a new gun in Borderlands that I liked I would replace one of the older ones I liked but didn't use.

insomnium24338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

I platinumed Borderlands playing solo and I found Borderlands a fantastic game. Go figure...

Claptraps are the greatest pieces of entertainment there is...

fullymoated4338d ago


Great responses! Not entirely true on the 3rd one (i don't think). Pretty sure the enemies level as more people join your game. The game was easily soloable. If someone had problems with the first mini-boss they may have been going in the wrong direction or should have done more side quests.

kneon4338d ago

I'm a few hours into it and so far I'm not impressed. I don't see the point of the whole thing. Is there any story to this game or is it just a bunch of meaningless missions?

It's just not very engaging, glad I didn't have to buy it as it came for free with PSN+.

FCOLitsjustagame4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

There is no real story. The point is to run around and kill stuff and get loot. I think the real point of the game was to do this with 4 friends. Think of it like playing cards...its just for fun (no money in the pot).

BitbyDeath4337d ago

I got a 1 hour trial on plus a few years ago and didn't think much of it.

Got the full game free from plus now so will have to give it another go soon.

EVILDEAD3604337d ago

The original Borderlands was amazing and found it's fan base long after the game hit retail. When you got past the early parts of the game it became nothing short of one of the most addicting eperiences in gaming for me.

Can't wait to see all the improvements they made..I hope this franchise is here for year and years to come.


badz1494337d ago

"amazing" would be pushing it but it is a good game! I'm only 1 more mission before the end don't get the urge to finish it any sooner! I waited for the 1st to get discounted and got it off PSN and I think I'll wait for the 2nd to be discounted too with all DLC included!

GTRrocker6664337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

No story... at all. Sorry but an RPG needs to have a story. I cant play a game for that long and not have some type of narrative. No character development either... at all. AI kinda sucked.

I didnt finish the game either though, so i might be biased. I got to a boss battle and couldnt beat it so i gave up. Normally i would keep trying but felt that the game was repeatitive and the enemies were the same for the most part. I basically had my fill up to that point.

The soundtrack and cell shaded art direction was good though. Thats the only thing that stood out to me. The gameplay was good too but nothing stellar. Deus ex to me is what an action rpg should be. The story and characters in that were amazing. But if people like it, thats cool. Art is subjective. Different peolle like different things. I dont watch tv or many movies so i look to video games for the story and character stuff as well as a fun game to play: Infamous, god of war, dead space, uncharted (even killzone and resistance to an extent) are all series i buy day 1 because they give me this.

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Interloper4338d ago

I know there's now a bank that's accessible by all your characters and that can be upgraded. Unsure about the space as far as inventory goes, but the story progression has been noted and severely worked upon this time round. A lot of the dialogue will be voiced, and there seems to be a lot more NPC interaction besides just being greeted by a wall of text.

Captain Qwark 94338d ago

the storage didnt bother me becuase you got so many guns that you found a new better one in 30 min.. the story was weak and uninteresting though i agree with you in that aspect. that said the gameplay was dead on though and some of the most fun ive had in a shooter in years. cant wait to get my hands on the new one, im not expecting a better story though, if i get one it will just be a bonus, im mostly picking it up for the fun co-op, loot gathering, and enemy variety ( i love to kill new things )

showtimefolks4338d ago

I spent over 200hrs in borderlands. But the sequel is really improving on everything. Now there is a bank for you to store all your valuable loot

Storage bank check
More guns with more veriety check
A better story well gearbox couldn't have any worst since the 1st had zero story
A better more living world check
Different veriety in enemies check
58hra it took their testers to finish their 1st play through check

I have the limited edition loot edition plus the special edition pre ordered

OMEGAZONE4338d ago

Whats different? They've turned the awesome dial for everything from Awesome to FREAKING AMAZING ULTRA EPIC!!!

antz11044338d ago

Loved the first one, a well deserved score. While there was nt really a story I dont think the first was driven by the story anyway....and there was enough storage, just a million guns. Lol having too many guns is not a problem I will trouble myself over.

Kran4338d ago

Well of course there will be guns you dont like. No one will ever like every game in the game...

solar4338d ago

I also wasnt as fond of the first as others. The lack of mini map while driving, quests didnt scale, the horribly easy boss battles along with the "WTF?!?!" ending, lack of good loot if you didnt have a full group.....

They first had great potential but it was mediocre at best. I might try the second if there is a sale on Steam.

sway_z4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

Lucreto got all (27 so far) those disagrees just because he (personally) did not like Borderlands.....??
Here have an 'Agree' you just for exercising your own opinion.

The Cretins!

Lucreto4338d ago

It is the most disagrees I have ever gotten. :)

I am considering getting Borderlands 2 as the people above shared some light on by concerns.

jrbeerman114338d ago

its called a disagree button, not I hate you button.

They disagree with his opinion. its allowed.

Laxman4338d ago

Agree/Disagree should only be used for OPINIONS.

If he stated FACTS and people disagreed, that just shows they are silly and dont like the reality of what he said. But the sole purpose of it being called the 'Disagree' button, and not 'Untrue', 'Lie' or 'Bullocks' is becuase its just the opinion of other people.

NeoTribe4338d ago

If u didn't like the first you prolly won't like the new one. Its more of the same. Not sure how u couldn't like the first one though. Best coop game I've played in a very long time.

Gaetano4338d ago

I've been made to feel evil because I didn't like the first game.