Brain Training 'clearly discriminates' against Northerners

Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training has come under fire on BBC Watchdog program for failing to recognise accents from the North. And you just thought it was 'grim up north'...

Deemed important enough to take up a five-minute slot on Monday night's show, Nintendo and its DS game, Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training, were under the spotlight of presenter Nicky Campbell.

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KeiZka4329d ago

Boo-fukin'-hoo. "OH NOEZ, it doesn't understand me!"

SilPho4329d ago

Next thing you know they'll start complaining that it doesn't understand strong foreign accents. Maybe they'll even complain it doesn't understand Latin or something...

Voice recognition has never been great, even Vista which is using it as a selling point doesn't get it right all the time.

bosels114329d ago

last time I checked, yeller was the name of a dog.