Turok Ships for PS3 and Xbox 360

Gamershell writes:

"Touchstone today announced that Turok, the next-gen story-driven first-person shooter developed by Propaganda Games, has shipped to retail, for PS3 and Xbox 360. In Turok, players take on the role of Joseph Turok, a former black ops commando, now part of an elite special forces squad, known as Whiskey Company, which is on a mission to take down a war criminal – Turok's former mentor, Roland Kane. Set on a planet inhabited by Kane and his Mendel-Gruman Corporation soldiers, Turok must use his elite military training to elude Kane's well-trained army and the ravenous, unpredictable dinosaurs, huge insects and other massive creatures that populate the environment. Powered by Unreal Engine 3, Turok will be released for PC this Spring."

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sak5004323d ago

Why am i not so excited about reading this? Maybe cuz i played the demo.

solar4323d ago

hehe, i was thinking the same. not only did it look like crap, but man did it play like a steaming turd also.

Kleptic4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

I was under the impression that Turok was one of the worst games I had ever demo'd...then I tried Conflict: Denied Ops last night...and realized: There are a ton of absolutely terrible shooters coming out soon...

what are these developers thinking?...Conflict looks like they cast Stephen Baldwin as one of the main characters...Even though steve was in The Usual Suspects...everybody hates him...don't make a game that looks like he is in will automatically suck...luckily though, it doesn't just suck on that looks and plays horrible...

Turok seemed to be the same...looks crappy...plays absolutely no fun...and makes you rather be at work...not a good game...

Kleptic4323d ago

...can we ship it back?

DFresh4323d ago

Yeah...ship it back total waste of time with bad controls and weak story line and dialogue.

psycho3604323d ago

Better headline would be "Turok sh!ts for ps3 and xbox360"