Killer Instinct 3 Confirmed?

From the same magazine that brought you the "Secret Games of Xbox 360",

XboxWorld 360 has maybe let something slip either by accident or on purpose.

In the section "Next Month" at the back of the magazine there is a picture at the bottom. Its not the white question mark in the middle of the black picture thats interesting, its the text below.

As you can see from the image the text says:

"and a KILLER secret game" it goes on to say "Let's just say, it's a biggie, a reinvention of a CLASSIC"

If you take the words "Killer" and "classic" put the two together what's the first thing that comes to mind?.

As I said in my other news post, this magazine is part of CVG. What did CVG receive off RARE this past christmas?.

Yes that Christmas card with KI3 on the stocking.

A coincidence? you decide in the comment section below.

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predator4325d ago

hey guys, just found this and thought i would share it with the n4g community. Best news ever if it turns out to be true. The scan is not as good as yesterday as im at my missis house using her digi camera and its not as good, will take another picture when im home for a better view.

predator4325d ago

also it would be N4G that broke the news which would be great.

MK_Red4325d ago

1.Awesome find and news.
2.WTF at 3 disagrees :(
3.If it is indeed KI3 then I have to change some stuff in my top 10 most anticipated games of 2008. If only MK8 would soon show up as well.

sonarus4325d ago

this is jst random speculation. The secret games are speculation and now we are just speculating a speculation. I was a fan of the first KI never played KI gold and would love nothing more than to see it in next gen visuals but common did these guys say they confirmed these games? last i heard i thought they were just speculating

IntelligentAj4325d ago

This would be great if true. CCCCombo Breaker!!!!!

AzaziL4325d ago

Ok, no, you just got my hopes up the moment I saw the words Killer Instinct, but what is being shown is hardly any evidence to believe it's KI. First off, the word Killer isn't emphasized so they can just be using the words in the context of saying a killer, smash hit, great game will be released. Classic means it's already been out and it's being revived like so many other titles that come out.

While I would truly love to see Killer Instinct released, and it will sooner or later, I doubt this news is about it. Goes to show though just how much people want Killer Instinct back, all one has to do is see the words 'Killer' and 'Classic' in the same paragraph and bam, the heart beats with complete joy.

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socomnick4325d ago

I hope its true I always loved the Killer Instinct games.

KillJoi994325d ago

Its a forum and theyve been talkinf about it for the last few months, lol.

green4325d ago

PREDATOR please stop getting my hopes up too much.I so would love a sequel for killer instincts.

Please GOD let this be true.

MK_Red4325d ago

2008 is gonna be the year for full return of the fighting genre. SF4,SC4, Tekken6 and now... KI3!?
If only MK8 could make it (Though I hope they delay it so they work on it as much as needed).

bootsielon4325d ago

Ed Boon said that there would be at least 1 MK title per year, and so far that has happened. MK6 in 2005, MK for PSP and Shaolin Monks in 2006, MK armageddon in 2006, MK for Wii and Ultimate MK on DS in 2007, and this year we will probably see MK8 for PS360, and maybe something on the Wii.

I expect a playable Demo somewhere in the summer. They've been working on this ever since Midway got the dev kits, and Midway is the developer that knows Unreal Engine 3 better than any others (maybe that's why their games are looking kind of generic as of late).

I wish Midway did something with the Mythologies series as I liked the game, but now instead of Sub Zero, with Scorpion. Boon once said that Scorpion is the main guy of the series, like "Ryu" as Sub Zero would be Ken, but it's horrible that so far they've focused on Liu Kang for the movie and a few games. Even Sonya and Jax were gonna get their game on PS1.

Anyway, I'm glad that we will see so many fighting games, as it was my favorite genre in the 90s.

MK_Red4324d ago

Thanks for the great reply. I hope the yearly strategy doesn't hurt the quality of MK games.

As for Scorpion, Boon has said that Scorp is his fave character so hopefully one day they'll indeed release a standalone game with Scorp.
Who knows? Maybe he is the hero of MK8 because Liu Kang is dead and other protoganists aren't as big as Scorp and seriously, he is more of an anti-hero than a pure hero or villain so I think he could be a superb choice for MK8.

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The story is too old to be commented.