Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 28

In this week's Starcraft 2 Q&A, Blizzard reveals a few changes made to the current build. The abilities of the Protoss Stalker and Phoenix use a cooldown system instead of energy. The Thor no longer serves as an anti-air unit, leaving the Viking to shine in the field.

Templars lost the Hallucination ability and gained Anti-gravity instead. Starcraft 2 gains the Warcraft III feature: onscreen Idle-workers icon alert.

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Bonsai12144329d ago

its great to hear about the idle workers indicator. lord knows how many times i've forgotten about scvs i've sent to build something and when the building was finished, it'd wander off somewhere because of space constraints, and lost track of it...

i guess that Thor losing AA ability is a good thing. it seemed like a very overpowered unit in that respect. however, terrans only have 1 or 2 air superiority units, especially since they're axing the goliath (i think, might be wrong)

Genki4329d ago

Shame, too, gonna miss those Hellfire missiles.

BludoTheSmelly4329d ago

Yeah I like that idle worker alert icon. As far as the other unit balancing sounds solid. Can't wait for a demo.