X06: Gears of War Multiplayer Hands-on Part Deux

From IGN: "For a game Peter Moore calls "the best looking game on any platform this year," Gears of War holds its own. In our latest hands-on session, a four-on-four team deathmatch in a new map called Canals, we found the latest build to be free of any frame-rate issues, to feature the same stop-and-pop gameplay, and the same bloody chainsaw"

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THE TRUTH5913d ago (Edited 5913d ago )

What does concern me though is GOW..... Please hear me out before you choose to call me a fanboy.

What concerns me is the amount of Gore and violence coming from the game...... Giving that it is coming at christmas time I'm just concerned with MS strategy to market such a game as far as visual advertisement example: in stores as demos and on TV with commercials?
The fact that it was a total "no-show" at TGS for this same reason is really starting to make me feel as though MS is out-right "controlling" exactly how much they show of this game.

This is to by no means bash but I think if they put a demo of this game running at any major video game store MS may get some very heavy out cry from media and parents concerned about the outright violence of such a game...

Im just alittle curious and somewhat concerned as to how MS and Epic plan to market a game that is supposed to be "THE GAME" around christmas time with this amount of violence and gore? Only time will tell

example "All too often, the chainsaw feels like a complete matter of luck, as you and an opponent collide, both pressing and holding B for a melee attack. One of you will get the chainsaw out. The other, if equipped with a chainsaw, will feel as if the two seconds holding down the melee button should have resulted in the death of the enemy. Instead, you will find your extremities severed from your body -- frustrating, to say the least."

Imagine seeing this at your local wal-mart, best buy, gamestop/eb games ect ect. during christmas time? The graphics look so good it "could" be a back-fall because of the excessive gore, not bashing just concerened

UrbanJabroni5913d ago

"The graphics look so good it "could" be a back-fall because of the excessive gore..."

Which would, of course, increase people's desire to play the game. Anytime we've seen a cryout against game violence it increases the sales, certainly on GTA but even on relatively mediocre titles such as Postal.

TheMART5912d ago (Edited 5912d ago )

Please Truth, no more USA restriction bull on the games.

Like the government having those stupid debates. There are child games, there are adult games.

Like there are child cartoons on tv and adult stuff including porn at night.

Parents are there to watch over what kids see. Like adults can rent/buy porn, thrillers and other adult stuff, and kids can buy kiddy movies and games.

And there it ends. Now gimme the gore and blood!

ps: anything you try to pull on Gears, also reflects on Resistance, COD3 and any other shooter that has been in the past on also Sony demopods.

Ravenator5295912d ago

For starters, we have no idea if this game will be used in the 360 kiosks during the holiday season.

Since it is a mature rated game with a lot of blood and violence, they may not even attempt to use the game as a demo. If the store isn't allowed to sell mature rated games to minors, how can they risk letting a minor play the game at a kiosk?

Maybe they will though. There was a COD2 demo on the kiosk when the 360 launched. So go figure.

But at least you won't have to worry about it at Best Buy because the PS3 display will drown out everything in the store. LOL!

Anyway, I can't wait for this game (as well as many others). It's looking great and its backed up by the reviews.

PS360PCROCKS5912d ago

yeah ps3 areas are rediculous their like a 1/4 of the entire store