[email protected] reaches 1 million PlayStation 3 users

Jim Cordeira from Gaming Age writes:

"Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced that since PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) took part in Stanford University's [email protected] project on March 22, 2007, the total number of registered users has reached over one million users. This equates to roughly 3,000 PS3 users registering for [email protected] per day or 2 new registered users every minute worldwide."

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dont know what its is but i do pitch in from time to time

killer_trap4328d ago

i'm ashamed of myself......didn't do any folding yet.

HowarthsNJ4328d ago

Folding will cost you quite a bit of money in increased electricity bills.

If you have the cash to spare (and some of us don't anymore) then go ahead and fold.

I had to stop after 20+ units myself.

Rice4328d ago

good thing i live in a apartment.

Hapimeses4328d ago

Wow, good numbers.

And, yes, I'm folding as well.


Keowrath4328d ago

I'm one of em... Although very rarely. Usually when I realise that all my controllers are low an I need to recharge em.

damnwrx4327d ago

With a dog, I had to sacrifice my gamepass at blockbuster to get a internet access.....

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