Top 5 PS3 Sleepers

What is a sleeper hit you ask, well its a movie, play, or in our case video game, that has no, or little hype. Our list that we've gathered covers titles that have only appeared in video form or have had almost no details revealed on them. These are games that are rarely discussed in your forums or on most gaming sites. This is a list of some of the most under-rated, or unheard of games that are to appear on the Sony next gen console, the PlayStation 3. The list was compiled by myself and Bhavin and after reading what people have said on the forums, what has been announced and shown in past and recent game conventions:

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UrbanJabroni5909d ago

Anyone have any good links to Wardevil information? The blurb put together really intrigues me, as anything post-apocolyptic immediately makes me hope for something along the lines of the awesome Fallout games. Even though there are only a couple lines of information, it sounds awesome, although I'm not sure how we know it is at 60fps yet...

Any links?

NoUseMerc5909d ago

If you want more info on WarDevil go to PS3land.coms preview on it:

UrbanJabroni5909d ago

Not that much is known, I guess, but this is still one of those games that I am excited over (thanks to your article) even though relatively little is known. Stupid, I know, but everyone tends to have a game they are looking forward to "just because."


NoUseMerc5909d ago (Edited 5909d ago )

Well I heard is going to be having an interview soon with WarDevil so....

TheMART5909d ago

PS3 makes you sleepy!

For real. Who cares anymore. Watch the X06 news and damn there are just hits no sleepers

NoUseMerc5909d ago

Exactly its X06...they are only going to show big titles. Dark Sector and Metronome are both going to be Xbox 360 titles as well. Also, games like Crackdown and a few others I would say are sleepers on the Xbox 360

Jay da 2KBalla5909d ago

And I believe wardevil is on 360 as well.

NoUseMerc5909d ago

No. Wardevil is PS3 exclusive. I would know. I have talked with the Developers.