MSXbox World Previews Halo Wars

MSXbox World writes:

"The fight may have been finished for Master Chief but we all quite rightly know it isn't done for Halo, the Halo license is way too good for Microsoft to let go of. So now it's back, but in strategy form.

Halo Wars was originally meant to be released about 7 years ago instead of the hugely successful Halo, yes that's right, Halo was meant to be a strategy game, a strategy game for the PC and Mac. I think the words from Bungie were "it's like Myth but in a Sci-fi universe". This then changed when Microsoft partnered with Bungie, Bungie then re-wrote the game into a first person shooter called Halo. After five years of discussing how 'cool' it would be if Bungie released a Halo strategy game, here we are waiting for its release."

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shotputking4328d ago

this is the first game made in the halo universe that isn't part of the core trilogy... i don't think that the same can be said for final fantasy or metal gear's spin offs.

danarc4328d ago

Metal Gear Ac!d wasnt set in the same story arc as the rest of the metal gears. I dunno abour Final Fantasy though

Chippathingy4328d ago

Just looking at the game footage released already, it looks like it's going to be one hell of a game! Even if this was Command and Conquer 6 I think it will be a seller.

goldenxbox4328d ago

HALO is one of the most celebrated phenomenons in gaming, as is gears of war, so there ain't nothing wrong with selling what works !!!

HALO WARS is going to be awesome, we got multiple desktop wallpaper of this !!!! A great game for 2008 and the multiplayer matches will be beyond awesome........unless you live under a rock you'd be excited for HALO WARS for sure

oh yeah, and the same people who did the amazing age of empires are working on HALO WARS with bungie's folks.....its going to be AMAZING commanding a whole squad of convenant, vs the humans in huge multiplayer matches and its going to be a GOTY contender for 2008 because I predict they make a strategy war game for gears also....

what could be more awesome then commanding tanks, ghosts, prowlers, and elite gunships all over huge sprawling maps where you can choose your character and fight in realistic wars !!!!!!

this is going to be one great ride !!

kira9894328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

that you should put out what has been workin for you.. But the thing is... This is just a RTS but they decided to slap the word Halo on it... Wut worked for them were FPS's...

Not to say this wont be a good game but let me remind you the last Age of Empires wasnt all that...

We'll just have to wait and see i guess...(notice how i put that in not to piss anyone off)

wageslave4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Early previews of the game have raved about how well the controls work.

MS is really responsible for finally breaking the "FPS belongs on PC" myth (together with Goldeneye, but Halo finally put it to rest...). And, I think they know that there is *a lot* rideing on its first non-trilogy Halo title *and* bringing a RTS to the console.

From early impressions, they've got a hit on their hands. Seeing the videos makes me agree.

Edit: I agree with below, I was editing this comment with the "(..)" above while you added that comment.

Marceles4328d ago

MS is really responsible for finally breaking the "FPS belongs on PC" myth? I'd give that honor to Goldeneye, and the torch was passed to Halo and brought to new heights

Halo Wars looks really good from the previews I've seen. I'm adding that to my 360 library when it comes.

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The story is too old to be commented.