Rock Band Guitar Compatibility Issues Still Remain

It's been almost 3 months now since the release of Rock Band, and PS3 owners are still left out in the cold for that elusive second guitar. Xbox 360 and PS2 owners have been able to use Guitar Hero controllers since day one to complete their 4 person band. But for whatever reason, PS3 users have been neglected. Everyone heard about the patch that was completed and blocked by Activision to remedy the issue, then it just went away.

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americanGTA4325d ago

i will not get rockband untill i can use my guitar hero guitar with it.

TheDarkHado4325d ago

I will not get Guitar Hero 3 until they release a patch. Oh wait i guess i'll just get a standalone guitar instead.

drunkpandas4325d ago

At this point, you may be right. By the time the patch comes out (if it does at all, which is a big if), the standalone Rock Band guitars will be on the market.

fiercescuba4325d ago

The game has already exceeded some many expectations; I don't know why they are letting peripherals stand in the way.