Propaganda Games Q&A: Turok

The game ships tomorrow, and PSX Extreme prepares you for battle with this exclusive Q&A with Turok's associate director, Tim Lewinson. Get all the details on multiplayer, stealth, weapon diversity, dynamic AI, and other gameplay info! It's looking sweet!

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eddierivera4331d ago

oh well,, Ill just have to play, call of duty 4, UT3, and RSV2 till GTA4 and Mercenaries comes out.. Not to mention all of the other games that are between everything else, burnout, midnight club,, dang, i could just keep going and going.

ohhthegore4331d ago

I wouldn't have bought it but I would have at least rented it

ohhthegore4331d ago

someone wanna give me a summary of the interview. Im too lazy to read the whole thing