Bloomberg: Sony to spend $30 million on PS3 kiosks

Speaking with Bloomberg, Sony Computer Entertainment America COO Jack Tretton said that 15,000 PlayStation 3 demonstration kiosks will be deployed to American and Canadian retailers over the holiday season. By contrast, only 3,000 demo kiosks were used for the PlayStation 2 launch.

The cost of the operation will be $30 million, reports Bloomberg. There's no indication whether or not that price tag includes the costs of the PS3 units themselves.

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original seed5916d ago

can use most of those for consumers. Then again at least the ones who dont get one at launch can still play one. I guess it's bitter-sweet

super bill5915d ago

were in europe.ooh i forgot its been delayed in europe get lost sony.

ElementX5915d ago

Maybe all those demo consoles will go down showing Ridge Racer like at TGS