Rumor: Microsoft cutting Xbox 360 Arcade price to €199 next week

According to a Dutch blog, Microsoft is planning to cut the price of the Xbox 360 to €199. This would make the Xbox 360 €50 cheaper than the Nintendo Wii. Recent rumors were suggesting that Microsoft was planning to cut the price right before the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV, to win more potential buyers.

According to the blog keeper, he has gotten word from a very reliable source close to Microsoft that the Xbox 360 Arcade will see a price cut to €199. This price cut would go in affect as of February 14. Microsoft decided to cut the price after Sony was reporting the PS3 would surpass the Xbox 360 in total sales about late summer 2008 in Europe.

Any plans for a price cut for the Premium and Elite models are highly likely according to the blog. No mention was given about a American price cut, and it seems this price cut is purely intended for Europe.

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Joey Gladstone4322d ago

honestly just wondering as the release of Devil May Cry (requiring a HD) is upon us...
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

Honeal2g4322d ago

are you kidding me ...plz explain how u have come that conslusion how on earth does this game require a hard drive ....why dont u spread ur propaganda in the open zone you dont belong here

Joey Gladstone4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

anyone know if it was Burnout or DMC4 that requires it??? ...
......."The JOEY has Spoken"

desolationstorm4322d ago

DMC 4 on ps3 installs on hd, no metion of needing hd for 360 version. You do need a hd for full online play in burnout.

danarc4322d ago

It was Burnout's online mode that required a hard drive Joey :D

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Iron Man 24322d ago

It's too bad it doesn't even come with a hard drive,you can thank Microshaft for that...LMFAO!XD

DarkSniper4322d ago

Desperation at it's finest.


InYourMom4322d ago

desperation is cutting your price in the first year.. Not 3 years into production..

Sony says hello!

mighty_douche4322d ago

Keep the price, add a HDD.

Neurotoxin4322d ago

That would be more sensible.

Cutting the Arcade/Core will happen in a years time i think as its holding the Microsoft and Game Developers back.

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The story is too old to be commented.