Capcom: The Next Gen Doesn't Start With Wii U

Capcom has released its annual report, in which it outlines the current state of its business and its predictions and aims for the future.

The company has stated that it wishes to move away from the current development model - which involves big budget games with long production periods - to a setup which will see smaller teams working on more titles, and consequently 'more sequels'.

However, the most interesting comment from a Nintendo perspective relates to Capcom's view on the next generation of gaming hardware.

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NYC_Gamer4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I think Capcom already knows some solid info about the MS/Sony consoles....

Hatsune-Miku4034d ago

Next gen starts when ... Says so

I don't care, I'm buying a Wii u

Lucretia4034d ago

true Miku, still the wii-u will be cool, but its not much above current gen to be considered next gen. sure its nintendos next generation but when the ps4 and 720 launch those will be true next gen.

wii's jump to wii-u power wise is big, but gamecube basically tippy toed to the wii.

can't wait for all 3 consoles though, thats for sure!

blitz06234033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

They're wrong, the next generation is not based on some console's power or whatever, it's based on the time when this new console(s) is released. It is NOT next generation when all three have already been released, it is when at least one has already been released, and it starts with the Wii U, regardless of how crappy/great it is. The Wii U will just be the 'oldest' out of the 3. It's like being the oldest son/daughter of your sibling generation.

This generation started when MS released the 360, even if it was 1 year earlier than the PS3/Wii. We all know the PS4 and Xbox720/Xbox 8 are just on the horizon, and if Wii U launches this November, it will be expected that other 2 will hit the market exactly a year after, give or take a few months.

ozzywazzy4033d ago


No one gives a crap about those technicalities so just save it. Your not enlightening us with any new information there. Stop being a stickler, you know what they mean.

andrewsqual4033d ago

No its not Blitz because it is still a 7th generation console. Fuck that. Just like how Pokemon Black and White 2 is a 5th generation game (PS1). Seriously, LAAAAAAAZYYYYYYYYYY.

WeskerChildReborned4033d ago

Same here, i don't care about specs as long as i'm having fun, PS4 and 720 could look better but until they come, at least i can have fun with Wii U. Hell maybe Wii U will still be more fun to play on but idk, i'm only interested in Aliens, AC3, and ZombiU.

--Onilink--4033d ago

same here, day 1 with a lot of games. And i will also buy the other 2 day one, because they all bring something good to the table. If all i cared about were graphics i would just stick to PC and those beautiful Steam sales

_-EDMIX-_4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

ha ha ha! o....k then.

To say Wii U is "Next Gen" is to say Wii is current gen. Wii was ONLY considered this gen in terms of when it released. ie if Ubisoft, EA, 2K etc say they are releasing a new ip this GEN! IT DOESN'T SOME HOW INCLUDE THE WII ITS NEVER INCLUDED THE WII IN ITS MAJOR IPS!!!!!


GTA, Max Payne, Red Dead, Mass Effect, Battlefield, Mirrors Edge, Dead Space (a GREAT example would be Dead Space, remember its Wii version? LMFAO) same goes with COD, the list goes on.

Nintendo fanboys, PLEASE stop trying to fight and force your way into making any one with half a brain believe the Wii U is "next gen". Its like saying the PSV is "NEXT GEN" because it released AFTER PS3. In those terms, then yes, but leave it out of game development, ie when Luca's Arts is talking about Starwar 1313, lets not start the whole "i guess they mean Wii U cause its next gen too" crap. Cause if you mean by "releases ONLY" then its clear you would also understand it means it won't be on Wii U, cause its NOT next gen in those regards, JUST in terms of when it released.

Every 3rd party pretty much knows the Wii U isn't even the slightest "next gen" where it counts.

Fanboys can scream "NEXT GEN" to the roof tops.....doesn't make it so. Hey, did screaming it for Wii get you "GTA, Max Payne, Red Dead, Mass Effect, Battlefield, Mirrors Edge, Dead Space, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, etc, etc"? LMFAO! So i'm not sure why screaming it will get you guys Starwars 1313, FF XV etc. Sit down Nintendo fans, Nintendo just shafted you again! LOL! Get ready for another gen with LAST gen graphics and zero 3rd party support where it counts. LOL!

Also, its like saying the 360 elite sku and PS3 Slim are (NEXT GEN) cause they are skus that released AFTER there main skus. Next gen means a bit more then "when" a system released.

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fermcr4034d ago

I starts when Valve releases their console with Half-Life 3 being the launch title. /s

Ck1x4033d ago

People should start learning their facts around here! Valve is working on hardware not a console, it's already been stated. So whether that's a newly designed keyboard, controller or whatever the input form. They themselves have said they are not making a console...

MoonConquistador4033d ago

@Ck1x Maybe you should learn when somebody is meaning something in a tongue in cheek or sarcastic manner, hell he even put /s after his comment.

So save the whole "people need to educate themselves as much as me" stance as your just coming across as a twat

showtimefolks4033d ago

Who the heck thinks wii u is next gen? It's matching current gen and that's fine because being able to play Zelda in HD.

But next gen starts with ps4 and xbox720 and all Nintendo fanboys chill the heck out wii u ain't next gen and that's a fact. Also I want to see some 3rd party support before I buy a wii u games like new MGS and GTA 5 etc,

Since NES Nintendo never has had any real 3rd party support and wii is a prime example of that. While Nintendo fans can be excited about a tablet for controller why you think N had to do a conventional controller? 3rd parties want what Sony and MS have been delivering all this gen and will deliver next gen

Y'all remember the pain of growing with PSN well expect the same now with Nintendo

CalvinKlein4033d ago

I was unaware that surpassing something was the same as matching it.

PopRocks3594033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )


Your two bubbles are well deserved. By the way, you may want to actually read the article.

showtimefolks4033d ago


dude if bubbles are the way we gonna start judging thing on n4g than most people who actually say what's on their mind have 2 bubbles. And unlike most of y'all i only have this account so i don't sign in with 4 different accounts just to agree with me or give myself bubbles lol(that came out funny and weird)

i been on n4g long enough where i stop caring because this site is home to stealth trolling and that's its biggest issue

FlairSomewhere4033d ago

You claim to state facts, and all you have are opinions.

That is a fact.

Sithlord-Gamble4033d ago

I agree with the 2 bubbles statement.
People cant voice their opinion on this site w/o being called a fanboy or a troll. Its ridiculous.

I got bubbled down for making a comment about MS screwing their hardcore fanbase, but i got countless PMs stating i spoke the truth.

N4g should take away other people being able to "vote" on comments and police that responsibility themselves.

Leaving it up to immature, vindictive public masses is a mistake, and only makes this website worse.

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garos824033d ago

i think alot of the bigger multiplat developers know quite a lot about next gen consoles.

kojimas fox engine is said to be able to scale to next gen. i dont think they would say that if they didnt know a thing or two about the hardware coming out in the future. i wouldnt be suprised if many developers that are not first party are already developing stuff with next gen in mind

ConstipatedGorilla4033d ago

I really couldn't care less what Crapcom says anymore. They haven't made a game worth buying in ages. Let them start making games for iPhone since they're crying about long production times. They also killed the Mega Man series which I loved. All they seem to care about is finding clever ways to charge for DLC.

fatstarr4033d ago

Capcom has some harsh words for nintendo and hate towards them

when RE4 Literally saved their asses.
if it werent for the gamecube you wouldnt have the newstyle re4 or capcom engine games that you do now.

they were only willing to attempt new stuff on nintendo cuz if it flopped it could be swept under the carpet. but not... no love whatsoever

DeadlyFire4033d ago

WiiU is next gen, but it is the Wii of Next generation consoles. Duh.

As far as hardware goes WiiU will be alot better than current hardware. Even if its not by much I expect the GPU to range from 6-20 GPixels. Most likely around 9-12 at most for WiiU. meanwhile PS3/X360 do 4.4, PSV does 4.0. This itself makes a considerable impression on graphics. I expect PS4/XB3 to do 27-50 GP.

morkendo234033d ago

The company has stated that it wishes to move away from the current development model - which involves big budget games with long production periods - to a setup which will see smaller teams working on more titles, and consequently 'more sequels'

so, do this implies less FPS,MULTIPLAYER games and more out-the box normal games coming back?? or more DLC add-ons

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Whitefeather4034d ago

I agree it's when all three have released their consoles.

CalvinKlein4033d ago

I disagree. We are already past the 360/ps3 generation, they are old ass last gen systems now. 3ds and vita are already from the 8th generation, and so will the WiiU.

Whitefeather4033d ago

That's true but the actual leap to next gen will not happen until all the new hardware is here. No company other than Nintendo will take games to the next level until they can do it across the board.

SonyNGP4034d ago

Welp. That settles it.
Thanks Capcom. Keep them DLCs coming :3

RmanX10004034d ago

With Capcom the DLC is always there... Just not accessible.

dredgewalker4033d ago

Lol, I should tell that to my ex the next time we argue "You're always there but not accessible!"