Today Remote Play Brings God of War and ICO & Shadow of The Colossus

We’ve got some great news on Remote Play. For those who don’t know, Remote Play allows you via a Wi-Fi connection to interact remotely with your PS3, using your PS Vita, and play a selection of compatible games. Today we can announce two fantastic PS3 collections are now available to play remotely on your PS Vita. (AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ and US)

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GribbleGrunger4301d ago

Anyone tried Ico and SOTC out yet?

dp2774074301d ago

yep no update for it when i tried it about 30 minutes ago.

MmaFan-Qc4300d ago

got the SOTC digital version and still no update yet

typikal824300d ago

Today something weird happened, I couldn't do anything with the on screen power button and my Vita got changed to controller 2.


Bowzabub4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

About to right now. Edit.. No update yet.(11:39am EST)

GribbleGrunger4300d ago

Does it work well? What's the general consensus of opinion?

typikal824300d ago

If you have a solid connection on both ends it's great. I killed the first colossus fairly easily once I kicked everyone off the microwaves at work.

GribbleGrunger4300d ago

What about over the internet via WiFi? Did you or anyone try that?

typikal824300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

@gribble I did it on my Vita via the wifi Internet@Work (about a 1.5Mb connection) to my Wired PS3 at home (12Mb connection). It lagged occasionally.

Aceman184300d ago

i tired GoW while at work with my smartphone hotspot and it sucked balls lol. when at home works like a charm.

i wish my job had a wireless upset, but their so damn old school and paranoid about people not working they wont put it in.

Fyflin4300d ago

Tried shadow of the Colossus for about half an hour on my home WiFi network and it works great. Slight stutter here and there (I have a really fast connection too) but perfectly playable. Just had to squint a bit while playing that's all, some of the ledges are hard to make out on the smaller screen.

Trenta274300d ago

Does this work with the disc version or digital? I have disc and no update.

Bowzabub4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

Update it through your PS3 first.. Then try to remote play.. It won't let you update it through remote play. Hope this helps.

Trenta274299d ago

Woo! Thank you. Bubbles for you.


Why I Can't Get Enough Of Shadow Of The Colossus

The beauty of the Shadow Of The Colossus lies in the vast world with emptiness. Read more to know how this game stand out from other games.

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Shadow of the Colossus and Ico should be remade in UE5. I know Shadow of the Colossus was in 2018 but I say remake both of them for PS5 and PC.

DarXyde2h ago

Shadow of the Colossus is kind of a perfect game, at least to me.

Man, this has me nostalgic. I know how I'm spending my Sunday evening.

chicken_in_the_corn2h ago

I tried the remake but couldn't get into it. Time to give it another go.

Elda2h ago

I tried both versions of the game & I can never get past the 4th boss.

Inverno39m ago

Well if anyone else can't get enough of this game you should check out Project Tribute. Basically a fan remake with all the cut colossi for PC.


God of War Needs to Redefine Kratos' Purpose Clearly and Quickly

Whatever form the next God of War game takes, it needs to be clear about what role Kratos is playing, lest the franchise lose direction.

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Nacho_Z18d ago

I'm pretty sure it'd be a major mistake having Atreus as the main character in the next GoW. Seems to me like at best people tolerate him and his gameplay sections.

Ideally the story for the next game would be that Atreus has gone missing in Egypt, Kratos gets mad about it, picks up Mimir and goes on a god killing rampage.

Mad_Matt18d ago

If that is an option for the dev team then they need to make it a clean slate. No Atreus, No Mimir. That's what happened when he changed pantheons before. Lets Kratos be in that world. But it will be a difficult task to complete. Kratos and his past demons are getting a bit redundant as far as story telling goes.

Nacho_Z18d ago

Yeah there's not a lot of meat left on the bone story wise. Personally I'd happily accept any goofy reason they could come up with for why Kratos is in Egypt chopping off heads. I'm personally not that bothered about the finer points of the storytelling, although they do it well.

The_Hooligan17d ago

I would still like to have Mimir in the next game. They (devs) can justify it by saying that Mimir wants to gain knowledge about other realms/pantheons. Also, personally I think Alastair Duncan did a great job as Mimir and would love to see the continuation of the small banters Kratos and Mimir had in the past games.

goldwyncq17d ago

The point of Ragnarok's ending is to show that Atreus is his own man now. Having Daddy Kratos save him in Egypt after getting himself into trouble would just undo his entire character development.

Nacho_Z17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

The point was more to do with getting Atreus out of the way rather than him being saved. Let's say he's off on his own adventures then and invent another reason for Kratos to be in Egypt.

Could be that Kratos thinks he's been captured or killed as motivation but at the close of the game it turns out Atreus has been up to his own shady shenanigans.

Lionsguard18d ago

They need to bring back the "God of War" in God of War. I was expecting to unleash hell and fury in Asgard against Thor that they really talked up in the first game but all we got was brooding middle aged dad drunk in a beer hall. Ragnarok was still "good" but I left that game expecting a lot more.