Q&A: Decrypting the Marvel 360 MMOG deal

Ames Kirshen, Frank Pape, and Jack Emmert unmask the three-way Microsoft-Marvel-Cryptic deal that will yield the first massively multiplayer title created specifically for Xbox 360 and Vista.

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Tear it up with dinky cars in Make Way on Xbox and PC

Available on Xbox and PC, Make Way is a rapid little arcade racer that is all about boosts, power-ups and the joy of crashing into other cars.

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Hookah Haze by Tenchu Developer Mixes Visual Novel Storytelling and Adorable Pixel Art

Japanese developer  Acquire and publisher Aniplex revealed a brand new upcoming visual novel titled Hookah Haze.

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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Will Be Fully Revealed in Summer 2024; Official Steam Page Available Now

BioWare is celebrating Dragon Age Day by releasing a new teaser trailer for the next chapter of the fantasy RPG series, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The official Steam page is also open.

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RaidenBlack5h ago

Finally ... seems it'll be more like Inquisition than Origins ...
* sigh * ... which isn't bad ... but DA: Origins was special

Michiel19894h ago

I honestly quite liked inquisition, but the game never gives you a single moment to breathe. The map was filled with so much useless bullshit collectibles that it didn't give me an actual sense of exploration, I was just following markers on the map. The world looked quite good although it didn't give me a sense of an open world that I could explore and I think I also never took the time to appreciate the world because it was so cluttered.

LordoftheCritics4h ago

Loved inquistion, hated some of the exploration

Crows9041m ago

Inquisition to me was the worst dragon age. Definitely the most monotonous.

People hated dragon age 2 but each chapter in the city was unique in its storylines and outcomes until the very ending. I didn't care that the ending choice wasn't great because every single choice between the beginning and the end mattered greatly.

Dragon age origins was definitely special with a lot of unique choices and none of the emptiness you find throughout the majority of inquisition.

esherwood2h ago

Felt like the whole game was fetch quest

Crows9040m ago

It absolutely was. I'm bewildered by the praise that game gets.