Ninja Gaiden 2: Gamer Preview - 'bad guys get cut to bits'

Gamer writes: " One of the most noticeable changes to Gaiden is the way in which the violence level has been forced viciously up from 'you've got red on you' to a degree of butchery that makes Peter Jackson's low-budget early works look like Disney movies, albeit without all the damn singing."

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BloodySinner4331d ago

I cannot wait for this blockbuster title.

niall774331d ago

show us something new team ninja.

JOLLY14331d ago

someone is being mister negative. As for me, I am totally stoked for this game. I loved Ninja Gaiden for the original XBOX, I really hope this is more of the same. I really like that more than one enemy fights you at a time. I haven't played dmc, but from the videos, it looks like all the enemies wait in line to be killed. I don't know if they are all like that, it just seems lame.

kira9894331d ago

lol this game is goona be somethin else...

Brixxer6004331d ago

A definite purchase for me, looking really good, just the small matter of when's it coming out ?????

ohhthegore4331d ago

I'd pick this up if I had a 360

Keowrath4331d ago

Heheheh, it's looking like this is the game that will make me buy a 360. I got my original Xbox when the first was released. As long as it holds up to what the fans want I'll be getting a 360.

ohhthegore4330d ago

More power to you. Id pick one up but I already have a PS3 and Wii and I know if I got a 360 on top of that I wouldn't have a life outside my room

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The story is too old to be commented.