Paragon Studios in “Discussions” to Save City of Heroes

GamerZines writes:

Last Friday the City of Heroes community was dealt a shocking blow when NCsoft announced that the free-to-play comic-book MMORPG would be put out of service on November 30th and that its developer Paragon Studios would be closed, but it appears all is not quite lost yet.

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NCSoft shows new trailers for Project M and LLL

NCSoft unveiled new trailers for its upcoming games Project M and LLL at G-Star 2023 which show off new features.

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Mr_cheese198d ago

Not sure what to think, definitely looks interesting.

ravens52198d ago

Would like to see more. 🤔

Plague-Doctor27198d ago

LLL is targeting a 2024 release for PC and console. Hard to tell but looks sort of like The Division? Hope we can hear more on it soon. Interested to see how these first few AA/AAA games from Korean devs go

Vengeance1138198d ago

Easier just to say PC and PS5. Not coming to anything else.

Sonyslave3198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Before the deal it was announce for pc and consoles lol and this is a old trailer from last month.

Einhander1972198d ago (Edited 198d ago )


If you watch the trailer you'll notice the on screen prompts are PlayStation button symbols. There is no indication this is coming to anything other than PlayStation at this point.

Vengeance1138198d ago

Key word being "before", that was then, this is now. With the deal in place, count out other consoles, Sony's not going to publish games for other consoles.

BeHunted197d ago (Edited 197d ago )


They always reveal their games by using PlayStation button symbols. Doesn't mean anything.

Any game that uses a rival platform controller is exclusive /s

Einhander1972197d ago


Did you read the title of the article?

Now you provide any evidence that these games are or ever were going to be on xbox.

Keep in mind while your searching that xbox barely even exists in Korea and that's just when compared to PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. If you think xbox underperforms in Europe take a look at Korea.

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repsahj198d ago

Looking great! But I don't know, let's wait and see.


NCSOFT and Sony Interactive Entertainment Announce Strategic Partnership

NCSOFT, a global premier developer and publisher, today announced that it has signed a strategic global business partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE).

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Vengeance1138198d ago

Strategic Partnerships > Acquisitions
This is how it's done! First Shift Up, now NCSoft. Who's next?

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thesoftware730198d ago (Edited 198d ago )


I think you exposed yourself.

"They bought Bungie and didnt just do a partnership because they aligned with their long term goals of Live service, which at the time Bungie were experts at."

That is you giving an excuse for Sony because you are a Sony-only fan.

MS bought A/B to further its long-term goals as well, populating GP with consistent high-quality games to expand the user base/sub-service.

They both have an end goal, which consists of long-term strategies, but you approve one, and shade the other. I would say by your own logic you exposed yourself rather than lujugujuf.

BTW, why is partnerships better for a company, rather than a lucrative acquisition, as Sony has done with Bungie? Does Sony only want to get into mobile for the short term? is extending "infinitely" better than owning? that sounds like silly logic.

BehindTheRows198d ago

No one had to "expose" lujugujuf. He clearly did that on his own.

198d ago
Eonjay198d ago

Completely random but it should be noted that PlayStation owner SIE is an American company. Sony itself is a Japanese but around the time of the PS4, the business that owns PlayStation relocated to San Mateo, California. NCSoft is a Korean company. This is the second deal in two weeks with a Korean company. The companies themselves couldn't be any more different but it looks like they will both be operating in the as second party. NCSoft, which itself has 5000 employees, can manage doing projects as second party while maintaining their own projects (and even with other publishers including Amazon... and themselves.)

198d ago
Gamingsince1981198d ago

"MS bought A/B to further its long-term goals as well, populating GP with consistent high-quality games to expand the user base/sub-service" huh ? Consistent high quality games ? When have actiblizz made Consistent high quality games? They have been making terrible games for years , diablo 4 trash , the last few wow expansions trash, COD trash for a decade.....are you on crazy pills ?

fr0sty198d ago

Acquiring a developer and acquiring entire publishers cannot even be directly compared... That's like trying to say that buying New Line Cinema is equal to buying Warner Bros.

198d ago
198d ago
tay8701198d ago

Lol did you just use ABK and high quality in the same sentence?

197d ago
itsmebryan197d ago

You have to remember just because you don't like a game doesn't mean it's trash. According to the sales numbers over the last "decades" millions of people disagree with your COD is trash statement. But, that's fine.

Gamingsince1981196d ago


So millions like the game out of 100s of millions that don't...........so your point is a tiny part of gaming likes it so it must be good ? So I say to you 100s of millions don't like it so it must be trash via that logic too.

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Jin_Sakai198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

“Taekjin Kim of NCSOFT and Jim Ryan of SIE – have met and jointly signed the partnership.“

Can’t wait for Jim Ryan to leave. Nobody wants your live service/mobile garbage!

blackblades198d ago

"Nobody" you dont speak for the entire world. Also guess you and others haven't seen the trailer of project m and LLL doesn't seem like a live service and mobile garbage from what I seen.

glennhkboy198d ago

Clearly Sony's executives do like (some) live service/ mobile games revenue. Remember, mobile games (as a whole) earn far more than Sony+Nintendo+Xbox combined.

CrashMania198d ago

Don't keep responding to this sad troll and his daily accounts, it'll be gone shortly.

BehindTheRows198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Ah, makes sense. Looked like one of "those" accounts. And yup, both troll accounts were just created today.

itsmebryan197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

Please explain why a partnership is better then a acquisition. If true why did Sony acquire " Insomniac " and "Bungie "?

Reaper22_197d ago

Maybe they are doing what they can afford. Sony isn't gonna make enormous purchases like Mictosoft, Google or Apple which I think is smart. You can't compete that way when you aren't as cash rich.