Gamedaily: Turok Review - "An attractive shooter with a Brontosaurus belly full of problems"

Chris Buffa of Gamedaily writes: After plowing through the Middle East in Call of Duty 4 and exploring an underwater city in Bioshock, Turok's prehistoric wonderland is a refreshing change of place, thanks to lush jungles and underground caves teeming with a host of imaginative critters. You'll battle a t-rex one-on-one, fry a bunch of scorpions with a flame thrower and bury razor sharp arrows into raptors' heads, in addition to battling an army of Killzone inspired super soldiers. However, despite its attractive graphics and homage to one of gaming's most legendary characters, Turok is a forgettable and sloppy first person shooter that fails to capture the excitement of the popular Nintendo 64 franchise.

Turok is decent for the most part. During the course of the seven hour journey, you'll battle a plethora of critters, from fast moving raptors to acid spewing bugs. And since the dinosaurs aren't picky eaters, it's possible to divert their attention to the opposition, which gives you much-needed breathing room, and believe us, you'll need it. While not impossible, Turok spikes in difficulty at random moments, thanks to poor design decisions that start with getting knocked dow

While not a bad game, Turok isn't a memorable one, either. Wandering through this ancient world and slaughtering hundreds of dinosaurs is cool, but not worth $59.99. Considering the missed potential and franchise legacy, it's 2008's first disappointment.

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Rhezin4330d ago

OK first of all propaganda should have made their own engine for this game, just like COD4 did. A Darker grittier engine that defines detail, but also gives it the feel of the original TUROK. Unreal engine 3 has been whored out sooo many times that it makes me sick every game that comes out has it in it. Gears of War is the only great game that fully utilizes and perfects the engine, with the exception of Bioshock. UEIII should just be for irrational and epic sisnce they are the only two who know how to make a game look great with it.