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Darkiewonder4323d ago

Glad to see they saw didn't try to keep ushing the core model where if it doesn't work, we don't do it [to the other 360 model]

Maybe Microsoft will throw in a hard drive. but lawlz @ if Japan [or anywhere] buys the core model and find out they can't play Burnout.

marinelife94323d ago

Imagine that someone thought to put a high capacity optical disc and a standard hard drive into every sku. Just in case an ambitious developer needed one or both of them to make their ideal game come true.

masterg4323d ago


Good one ;)

DarkSniper4323d ago

XBOX 360 has always given gamers "the choice" on enhancing their gameplay experiences. You've had "the choice" if you wanted a high definition movie upgrade to your platform. You've had "the choice" if you want to play your games online with other users or not. You have "the choice" to download demos upon launch, or WAIT B3YOND weeks to download the very same demo that can be downloaded sooner on it's competitor platform.

At no surprise, Dark Sniper reveals that XBOX owners, even with the purchase of XBOX Live, have "the choice" on wheather or not he/she wants to play Burnout Paradise by upgrading or not upgrading to an overpriced hard drive.

For those who enjoy the online experience and is forced to purchase a hard drive, please note that for the price of a 20GB XBOX hard drive, you can get at least 150 gigs of space to place in your PLAYSTATION® 3 hard drive. Last but not least, all PLAYSTATION® 3 owners regardless of the SKU, are able to enjoy a rich, detailed and superior online service of Burnout Paradise on PLAYSTATION® 3.


DarkSniiper4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

You have to factor in the price of the PofS3 as well, that you get no Achievements, No Rumble with the Sixaxis Controller, no custom music and no messaging of friends. Sooo, not really a good experience, so I take it back, keep the Xbox 360 FTW!!!


sak5004323d ago

LOL. I as wondering why I could see your comment as i had him on ignore. Good one, i see the better version has more bubbles and better sense :D

Hockey114323d ago

Yea but more disagrees than the original Sniper

The_Engineer4322d ago

for about $60 cheaper I just upgraded my PS3 to a 250GB HDD.

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green4323d ago

Microsoft please get rid of the core or make it in very limited numbers.

As can be seen the harddrive is becoming more important in game development.

spandexxking4323d ago

that would be futile. MS cant shaft all the exsiting customers, that would be wrong.

shysun4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Well dev's are starting to shaft them already.

Nostradamus4323d ago

What if someone wants a cheap 360 to do system link?

Im getting a core to go in the other room, to link to my current 360, but dont want to spend $400.

Core is the way to go if you want two 360's

meepmoopmeep4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

if i remember correctly they dropped the entire xbox 1 userbase like last weeks diarrhea ... we're talking about MS here

yamamoto1144322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )


Sony did it by releasing several different SKU's and price drops. They effed me over by offering first a 60 GB, then a (slightly gimped) 80 GB console for the same price of my one-year-old 20 GB one. So if they can do it, why can't Microsoft?

You seem to forget how the electronics industry works: everything becomes outdated within a six month timeframe.

CrazedFiend4322d ago


Does your gripe have ANYTHING to do with gameplay? Any Sony game can play IN IT'S ENTIRETY on any PS3 model, regardless of what model or how early you bought it.

I have a core 360. If I want to make use of those online features on my Xbox, I can't. Not without buying a HD (which I so far haven't because, (1) if I do get a HD, 20Gb just is not big enough and (2) the next step up is 120Gb, which is WAY too expensive for me right now).

I really wish that MS would have either stayed away from the whole propriety thing, given us more options to choose from (100Gb between our only two options is WAY too much dead space), or better yet given us at least a little bit of HD space as standard from the get go.

But I'm not gonna cry too much over it 'cause I got a PS3 too (^o^)b

kewlkat0074322d ago


MS get your head out your @ss and end this Core business or cheapen your accessories..dammit

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travelguy2k4323d ago

there are tonns of used 20gb HDD for dales at game stops and such, afterall, what r u going to do with your old 20gig after you upgrade. Game retailers should offer you 10 bucks trade in value and then re-sell them for $20, or something to that effect.

HardcoreGamer4323d ago

iv been many places to by my mate one, still no luck

kiko894323d ago

when i changed my ps3 hdd from 60 to 250. i am using my old hdd in an exturnal enclosure. price 10 15 dollars. and a portable 60 gig hdd.

shine13964323d ago

x360 requires propriety hard drive..$99...but don't qoute me on that, cause I'm not really sure...

ThaGeNeCySt4323d ago

"We opened a dialogue with Microsoft to attempt to discover a possible solution and all possible technical options were investigated to retain the seamless freedom of Burnout without requiring the HDD. Unfortunately a solution was not available and we decided together that it would be in the best interests of the Burnout community if we require the HDD for full online play."

Nice going... I wonder now if this can be applied to any developer now... where they'll make games that require the HDD for data caching or whatever and just leave the poor Core owners SOL. But in any event, kudos to them.

SRT4Chris4014322d ago

I'm glad Dev's are using the damn HDD for caching. Maybe it'll knock off a few decibels of noise off the worlds loudest dvd drive. I'm sorry, but I paid for an elite, and I expect the dev's to utilize my 120g, seeing how M$ won't let me fill it up with anything else but they're sh*t. If Mass Effect did that, then maybe it would've been a more enjoyable experience, god I got so tired of the textures constantly loading up when I'm playing the game. A quarter of the ending cut-scene was nuthing but shapes, and smeared textures....

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The story is too old to be commented.