GamerTM Reviews Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

GamerTM writes:

"Ultimately, Circle of Doom just feels very superficial. The quests aren't innovative – you get pointed off into a dungeon, hack the hell out of all and sundry, recover the item you went for and take it back out of the dungeon. Character progression is relatively straightforward, with not much to differentiate the various classes in the game. Whereas games of this ilk are often worth playing through again as a different character class, with this resulting in a different experience altogether, the inherent problems with Kingdom Under Fire mean that this never really rears its head as a serious possibility, and the game fundamentally feels the same whoever you decide to play as. Only taking it online and teaming up with three others relieves the tedium at all, and even this only heightens the interest for short periods of time before the inevitable boredom sets in once more."

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