Vista SP1 Released to Manufacturers

"We've been hearing rumors all morning that Microsoft would release Vista SP1 this week. Now, according to Reuters, Microsoft has just sent Vista SP1 to manufacturing." ...

More at the link.

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mighty_douche4322d ago

Why not just hurry up and release it to the stupid people who bought into the whole Vista promises? like me : (

I really hope this improves gaming performance and maybe im pushing my luck here, but maybe they can reduce its memory footprint?

ionace4322d ago

Its because they love to screw over their loyalest customers like us ... luckily i get my OS's for free thanks to my school's MSDNAA program, still im pissed how bad vista sucks though.

BrianC62344322d ago

I agree. I hurry up already Microsoft. I already rebuilt my desktop and went back to XP. Maybe if SP1 looks a lot better on my laptop I'll give Vista another chance. They're going to have to do a lot for that to happen though.

BrianC62344322d ago

Bill Gates must be reading this topic. Someone is disagreeing with me on my two posts. Soon I guess he'll disagree with this one too.

And why can't I edit my posts anymore? Is that feature gone on this new board?

iNcRiMiNaTi4322d ago

i didnt even know about it until seeing this thread. now im gettin excited

BrianC62344322d ago

Who knows really. Microsoft needs to start working on all the features they stripped out of Vista. The early reports had a lot of nice features but most of them were dumped because of time. Vista turned out to be nothing but a nicer looking version of XP with a lot more problems.

forcefullpower4322d ago

Windows vista sucks.

No true PC gamer will touch it with a bargepole.

wageslave4322d ago

The international computing industry is moving to Vista. So will the games. DX10 offers many benefits. DX10 cards are not common. When the cards become more common (you know, when the MARKETPLACE develops) the DX10 games will start coming.

This is how technology works, its a constant march forward, to progress.

Vista will be as good a gaming platform as XP, or 95/98 was before.

It is the way it has *always* been - it is the way it remains today.

kiikoooo4322d ago

i dont think vista sucks at all. its faster and better than xp imo. i dont play games tho so i cant say how good it is but until now i never had 1 problem unlike with xp

ionace4322d ago

It is in now way faster than XP with SP2. Everything from startup to shutdown is slower in Vista compared to XP. Not to mention it uses up so much more RAM than it ought to ... ach it isn't even worth talking about.

wageslave4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

I have a CS degree, and work in IT for a fortune 5 firm.

We have had nothing but success with Vista. It performed so well in our beta-test facilities that we pulled the world-wide distribution ahead by 6 months.

It has saved us incredible amounts of money and time. Users dont appreciate what Vista is "about". It is a major rewrite of the OS from the ground up, a new rendering stack, new network stack, new security methodology and on and on.

Things take *time* to move from the old to the new. This is what people seem to be forgetting, it is always the case.

Vista is vastly superior to XP in many ways.

And, worthy to note here is that Vista SP1 has been available to Microsoft's major clients (like my employer) for months. We've been running it for sometime without issue.

ionace4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Well I'm a Computer Engineer, and while I haven't super major issues with it, aside from BSOD's for no apparent reason every once in a while, I've tested both XP and Vista on my machine and I have to say XP is better in what I regard as important; that being start up times, shut down times, and I absolutely hate how much RAM it uses, not to say I don't have enough but even when turning off all the 'bells and whistles' it's still way up there.

And while you haven't had any issues with it for what you are doing, that doesn't mean that that is the majority of people. I have had compatibility issues with it and holy crap is UAC annoying and turning it off makes it a worthless aspect of the security.

AliC4322d ago

I don't have any problems with Vista, while its not really much over XP it does have some nice features that XP lacks.

Performance issues, I'd had none runs games just as well as they run on XP.

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