The funkiest PC keyboards around

A collection of keyboards that... are not exactly keyboards.

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MaximusPrime4328d ago

i like that optimus Maximus keyboard. It uses OLED and you can design your buttons. You can even add a short movie on one of the buttons.

How cool is that? I wonder how much it will cost? :s

ps: Im not the inventor.

TheIneffableBob4328d ago

The Optimus keyboard is selling for $1,200.

Arkham4328d ago

If you want one OLED key (spacebar), about $470. If you want every key, $1600 or so.

Go for it. ;)

TeaDouble_E4328d ago

I saw the same laser keyboard on one of the episodes of pimp my ride.

mighty_douche4328d ago

Ive actually played with one of those laser keyboards shown in the caption, while its pretty cool, typing on a standard keyboard is much easier.

Relientk774328d ago

Ive seen the laser keyboard b4 ... but honestly i still think its mad cool and the sh1t

iNcRiMiNaTi4328d ago

i want a blue saitek eclipse. ive seen those like 2 years ago but i never bothered to get one. maybe now ill change my mind