Blu-ray players behind on interactivity - PS3 Profile 2.0 Ready, Firmware update due in 08

Videobusiness reports, studios are promising their most elite Blu-ray Discs to date in 2008, but not all available and upcoming BD devices can playback the advanced features.

Due to a decision by the Blu-ray Disc Assn. to keep certain hardware requirements optional, there is a far-flung range of capabilities on display at retail. A number of studios' latest and greatest titles, including the industry's first Web-enabled BD software with Lionsgate's War and Saw IV, require consumers to watch them on Profile 2.0 players to enjoy the touted new technology. But up to these titles' respective Jan. 1 and Jan. 22 street dates, no available BD player was certified Profile 2.0 (a.k.a. BD-Live), with hardware that could playback the included Web-based interactivity, such as War's online fighter game and Saw IV's movie blog.

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rushbd4324d ago

PS3 :D
I guess buying it really was a smart future proofing move from all angles.

SL1M DADDY4324d ago

This was one of my reasons to buy it over a stand alone at the time of release. At least it was the one BD player that was web-enabled and could accept updates via LAN. The PS3, it truly is a future proof piece of kit.

Citizen Cook4324d ago

This is what happens when you let Sony control the future of Physical media distribution. Idiots. They don't give a crap about the consumer, only their pockets. I sat on the fense with the HD format war, but by god i wish Toshiba had won with HD-DVD now.

PirateThom4324d ago

Yes, because it was all Sony's fault... even though Samsung or Sharp or LG or Panasonic or any number of other companies were in such a hurry to release profile 2 players.

Sony =/= BDA

eLiNeS4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )


Fony!!! What a rip off! They better replace all thouse players for brand new HD-DVD players for the problem. LOllOllLOllOolOlLlOllOl

Maddens Raiders4324d ago

down to 2 bubbles I see. Keep up the good work man! 8D

ceedubya94324d ago

The PS3 has everything you would want from your blu-ray player and even offers gaming. Normally, I could care less about my game console playing movies, but the way prices are now, and with the varying capabilities of standalone players, it just makes more sense to buy an extra PS3 for movie watching purposes in my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.