Crysis - 1K Nukes Exploding

MajorMunchie explode 1000 nukes simultaneously in Crysis. On very high settings.
Music is Muse - Time is Running Out

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Zip5228d ago

I am sort of dissepointed over that nuke effect there .... I tougth that the blaster would be much larger, and the envoriment would be far more destructed ... I realize its just a video game, but still ... I tougth that the enginge was caple of more

JustCallMeDaddy5227d ago

did you check the specs?
he has like a 500 buck computer.
look at the video card... 8600gs???

Rikitatsu5228d ago

If they had polished the game a bit more , removing the annoying bugs , and Completing the story ... , but its a 8.7 Material still

ravinash5228d ago

I love blowing things computer games anyway.
I got the impression that the object didn't have any textures or anything, so it was pretty basic.
Mind you if 1K Nukes went off, you'd just get a bright light for a second and then black forever.

bigjclassic5227d ago

for PS3 already. I need this on the PS3, really bad

DEADEND5227d ago

You and me both my friend, I'm really hoping it comes out before the end of the year for the PS3 if not I'll have to build a PC that can run it sometime next. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.