DMC will run at 60 fps on Xbox 360 and PS3

Geekpulp has an interesting chat with the DMC developers about their highly anticipated next-gen title. They have a chat about their art direction, achievements, development on next-gen technology and a bunch more stuff. Read it, be informed.

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mighty_douche4332d ago

Why was this approved? we already know this, theres a thread stating it runs a 640p @ 60FPS on both consoles.

JamieSI (10) - 29m ago
skagrerrrr (1) - 51m ago
marionz (1) - 51m ago
SparkyNZ (1) - 55m ago
Brianemone (1) - 57m ago

hang your heads in shame.

the mart im gay4332d ago

this somehow makes 360 the "superior version" even though it has the same graphics and gameplay. But of course thats my fanboyism talking...

Leathersoup4332d ago

...why is this game such a big deal? Sure the graphics are nice but when I tried out the demo I couldn't help but mourn for the future of video games.

The controls are so repetitive and the game play itself incredibly boring. Sigh...

masterg4332d ago

What does this game have to do with the future of video games. This is one game. In the last years we have seen more innovative games than ever before.

iyoten014332d ago

60 FPS or 30 FPS doesnt really matter. If it runs smooth than its all good. Forget about FPS and I don't think it will change who is buying the game and or isn't. I guess the PS3 version will have trophies to unlock just like Uncharted.