PS3 UT3 Mutator Action Cam v1.0 released

Play Unreal Tournament 3 from an over the shoulder view, like Gears of War or Mass Effect. This new camera view enhances the action and really brings you into the fight!

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Kleptic4324d ago

um...I don't think this is new at all...and in fact I think I already have v1.1 also, which is just a slightly farther back camera angle (some of the body types blocked the reticle with 1.0)...

and it also makes it nothing like Gears...if they action cam, with the extra violence mutator (which just makes blood splatter all over the screen all the time...instead of just with the impact hammer)...and the upcoming sprint w/ shaky cam mod...then its close to gears, but like 10x as fast...

action cam alone makes it just UT3 with a third person view...still awesome though...

Graphics by ATi4324d ago

3rd person is good for situational awareness. I like it.

mighty_douche4324d ago

UT is an FPS, why would anyone want to play it in 3rd person?

masterg4324d ago

Because a lot of people like 3rd person view better.

Kleptic4323d ago

just like Gears, the models have some wicked awesome animation...seems like almost a waste at times to not see how good it looks though...but I do agree...just the action cam on its own is not something I would use often...

I am looking forward to the shaky cam sprint though...uses the default PS3 speed, but then pressing and holding triangle will result in the view popping into third person, getting low, and allowing you to run faster than the PC speeds...but you can only make very wide turns until you come out of the sprint...

the main thing the game needs right now though is definitely a new server filter...there needs to be a way to look at servers running mods (and which mod more importantly), and servers just running shipped settings or mutators...the lobby is going to get really messy if not...

and patch it for open mic epic...or at least give us the option...I was able to get the open mic glitch to work a few times, but sometimes it doesn't work...

SL1M DADDY4324d ago

And to anybody that owns UT3, this mod makes for a great experience in this game. UT3 may be a FPS but in TP it is pretty cool. It's like Gears on crack.

Rocko4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

The action cam was released last year.


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