Oblivion Confirmed for PS3 and PSP

Finally confirmed for Playstation 3 fans, Oblivion will apparently make its way to the console come launch with updated visuals and extra quests not available for the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game yet. The game will introduce a new faction called Knights of the Nine, kinda like a "good" Dark Brotherhood.

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UrbanJabroni6275d ago

First, congrats to the PS3, great game and we all knew it was coming.

IGN (the original source), however, really is doing a fabulous job of losing all journalistic credibility. I'm in the process of tracking down the final date of the issue in question for an article regarding game "journalism", as I have already heard from one source (unconfirmed right now) that the PS3 editor at IGN held this story until X06 to counter with some positive PS3 news.

If this turns out to be true, then as far as I am concerned IGN is no longer a source for news but is attempting to shape public perception, which makes them little better than a paid Sony Advertisement.

Asuka6275d ago

a must get for my PSP and future PS3


who confimed this? (and no, i mean offically, not from that news site)

DJ6275d ago

Jabroni's got conspiracy issues. It's nice that they're making some improvements to the game before bringing it over. Scrivener makes yet another correct prediction. Now to say how Bethesda takes advantage of Blu-ray's space advantage...

(BTW, i have no clue how this game will work on PSP. But it'll be interesting to see how they pull it off.)

Tut6275d ago

Conspiracy issues hahahaha. If you think that any major major media source doesn't do that than you need to look the primary shareholders for media companies that support places like CNN. You'll be suprised how they use media to their advantage. It is sickening.

As for this news topic I am neutral, so I don't have anything to say towards the subject.


ApocalypseShadow6275d ago

he sure knew a lot of what he was talking about.