Xbox Family Reviews Devil May Cry 4

From Review:
"When it's all said and done, this is a game that you should at least try. Not everyone will take to it, so it's likely a rent for many a casual gamer. That's because DMC 4 is a hardcore gamer's game. This is nothing new to the franchise..."

+ The perfect game for the hardcore fan
+ Stunning visuals make being a spectator fun
- Voice acting is a little cheesy
- Difficulty level may put off casual gamers

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INehalemEXI4326d ago

Good review except for: -Difficulty level may put off casual gamers.

I would not list that as a negative. These games are meant to be a challenge so I would make that a positive. Whats a casual doing playing a hardcore game?

Rikitatsu4326d ago

It was Frustrating, not Hard... by Frustrating i mean You play the Whole Level (Which has Boring art Direction IMO) and When you reach the End of the Level , You fall into a pitfall thanks to the Lame Camera... and the game Transfer you to the beginning of the Level -_____-" I hate that

vgn244326d ago

But the camera is annoying. They tried to force you into seeing what they want you to see.