Devil May Cry 4 - Daily Star Review

By Paul Vale

"Devil May Cry 4 is a superb evolution of the franchise and, dare I say it, the best game I've played to date on the PS3."

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INehalemEXI4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

I like this review. Finaly, a review that sees DMC4 is worthy of 90%+ score.

sonarus4325d ago

no jst a guy that needs to play more ps3 games. ratchet and clank is better than dmc4 for crying out loud. have only played the demo of dmc4 but frm wat i can tell giving this game an 8 is generous

permutated4325d ago

They're two completely different games.

And it's just one guys opinion, grow up.

Skerj4325d ago

I love R&C and all but to compare it to DMC would be like comparing Tetris to Gran Turismo, it just doesn't work.

sonarus4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Dont be silly. I never compared the two games. He says this is the best ps3 game he has played and i said ratchet and clank is a better game than dmc4 judging based on best ps3 games available. Not breaking it dwn 2 gameplay or story or wateva jst best ps3 games available. You may not compare a game like condemned too forza 3 but i can still stand and say forza is a better game judging solely on ps3 games and nothing else. Its like saying which is better apples or carrots jst because one is a fruit and the other a vegetable dosent mean you cant compare them

jackel 924325d ago

sorry this is off the topic but there is a super sick ds coming out called maze of fate trust me this is going to be a sleeper hit

Skerj4325d ago

"Superb evolution of the series"? Victoly to you sir, someone who knows DMC reviewed it although he could have gone deeper into gameplay it was still good to know. Like a day and a half left!!

name4325d ago

lol Every game that comes out is somehow the best game someone ever played on the PS3.

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