Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom recieves a 3.5/10 from

Pretty much just gist of the review says that you should not play this game.

Taken from the review:

"Giving the fact that you have to have some kind of torture fetish to endure a half hour of playing the game. So playing it again means you have some serious issues. I'm talking if you wear more leather and spikes than the Gimp from Pulp Fiction and Gene Simmons combined then this is the game for you. So strap that ball gag in your mouth nice and tight and endure some torture. If you're a sane individual then stay away from this fact if you see it at a store run away fast, run through a wall if you have to."

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Rikitatsu4329d ago

Lol just a joke... this game had too much Potential, and My friend loves it ... i never Tried it though..