Devil May Cry 4 runs at 640p on Xbox 360/PS3

Game Reviews Blog obtain a copy of the CAPCOM Press Release on Europe about DMC4:

CAPCOM Europe from the official statement will be Devil May Cry 4 issued on February 8. XBOX360/PC/PS3 three-oriented platform.

PC version will supports DX9 and DX10 versions.The PC version support higher resolution (In order to maintain stability in the game at 60FPS, XBOX360, PS3 supports only 1024 * 640 resolution).

More sophisticated textures and models. DX10 will support more graphics technology and advanced physics, will bring greater is the visual impact. At the same time, played on the new multi-core processors perfect, if you have the updated platform, you will be good experience.

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drewdrakes4327d ago

Oooooo...Halo 3...Halo 3...who cares? Play the game.

zambrota4327d ago

DMC4 is no Uncharted. then why is it running on 640p.

what caused this downgrade?

I am cancelling my preorder after seeing this.

I think i am gonna buy only the ps3 exclusive games. Multiplats dont take advantage of ps3's hardware and are normally rushed out ports of the x360 version

I am definitely cancelling my preorder. what about u all?

ThaGeNeCySt4327d ago

did you notice it's resolution before this news? If not, then who cares?

sonarus4327d ago

considering while it was still exclusive to ps3 they annouced 1080p and 60fps as we all know 360 can't do that so it my eye brow is raised at the 360.

4327d ago
Skerj4327d ago

Cancel a preorder because it's 640p? That's crazy man!! Tell me, how often do you think you guys will be griping about the resolution ingame. I'll tell you, none!! If there were a problem with the framerate then THAT would be an issue. Since DMC has some frame dependant moves, hitches would make the game broken. So far none of that has come up so all is still good, 640p or not.

4327d ago
drewdrakes4327d ago

zambrota - are you serious? You arent a real gamer.

sonarus4327d ago

i hate that you can no longer edit your posts. i actually meant to say 360 can't do 1080p and 60fps at the same time as of yet. No 360 game has done it and ps3 have games that have. And capcom did say ps3 would have 1080p and 60fps so... all my comments were factual didnt say anything more or less. before ppl start reporting me 4 spam or sumthin

barom4327d ago

I think DMC4 still looks freakin amazing. And did anyone actually read the article? It was poorly written. I could've done that. I think this is bull. I'll wait for a better source

4327d ago
Regret4327d ago

I wonder on which resoulution will be new Ninja Gaiden.

sonarus4327d ago

i think the new one has been confirmed to run at 720p and 60fps. But could suprise us again and run at 640p. Ninja gaiden 2 is one of the few xbox titles am looking forward too. From a gameplay perspective i could care less about the games resolution as long as it looks good but from a technical standpoint if the 360 jst keeps coughing up 640p resolution it definetly does make them the weaker system. in fact less than standard resoltion has been something to expect from most 360 games exclusive and multiplat

2Negativecool4327d ago

Simply more evidence that Capcom sucks at life.

SaiyanFury4327d ago

The average gamer doesn't give a rat's ass about the final resolution as long as it looks good in the final release. I downloaded the PS3 demo and it looked great in HD. I don't care if it's not true 1080p. All I care about is that it performs well and the controls are solid.

wallace10004326d ago

Once again agreeds all round because who cares? In a blind test, very few people would notice and/or be able to tell the difference. Play the game and have fun!

meepmoopmeep4326d ago

i played the demo and it looked uber sweet, if i didn't read this i wouldn't have known it was less than 720p. it surely isn't Uncharted crisp but it still looks amazing and PLAYS amazingly.

i hope today zooms by so i can pick up my copy tmrw and game on

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pwnsause4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

"NICE GOING, Sony and M$! Making consoles that can’t handle stable 60FPS at 1080p. I HATE YOU ALL *smashes head into wall*"

How about blaming M$ and Capcom for making this game Multiplaform? you know this game would run at 720p, hell even at 1080p if it was PS3 exclusive, but since they made it multiplatform, they had to make the game to run for the lowest common denominator, which was the xbox 360, although it was built on PS3 hardware first. Capcom wanted this game to run equal to both system, thus degrading the PS3 version for no reason. please dont give me that BS (ex. OH THE GAME IS TOO POWERFUL TO RUN ON PS3,) look at KZ2 and Uncharted confirmed to be running at 720p, oh wait, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma which is basically the same Hack and slash game that DMC is, running at 60fps at 1080p running exclusively at PS3 hardware , nuff said.

Im getting this game though, cause Im a fan of DMC, but this mediocrity has to stop

zambrota4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

at TGS 2006 DMC4 kiosk demo ran at 60fps 720p.

also NOTE that before you used to have many enemies per screen.After DMC4 went multi i barely see that many enemies in the demo

check and compare DMC4's old demo video at TGS on youtube.

even the colour looked so vibrant.

Now not only does it look washed out it seems to lack,textures,cloour and speed.

When i first tested this at my workplace (BABELLGAMES) i was too disappointed?

WTF capcom?

you could have easily made 2 different versions of DMC4 ---one for x360 and one for ps3

ThaGeNeCySt4327d ago

the game wasn't built on PS3 hardware first, it was built on PC.

pwnsause4327d ago

ThaGeNeCySt, well even better! just goes to show you WTF is capcom doing? what I want to know is, why are they whoring themselves? why put DMC on PC, that fails. I wanna know whos going to play this game on PC? this game isnt going to sell on PC, when I say that, I mean below 500,000 sales.

pshizle4327d ago

DMC4 runs better on 360 anyways

zambrota4327d ago

at TGS 2006 DMC4 was shown on PS3 in the form of a trailer.

You could see the ingame cinematics as well as gameplay scenes of the TGS demo (ps3) on Youtube.

Please click on the link i posted above

jaja14344327d ago

You people make me giggle.

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Sargerus4327d ago

I'll not cancel my pre-order because this is a great game in both xbox 360 and PS3, you don't have to see the game for it's graphics and see it for it's gameplay and story.

INehalemEXI4327d ago

Im getting it ASAP on mah PS3, pre ordered , probably get it on 2/6 since I got to wait for shipping. :(

Sevir044326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

while this is a bit disapointing to here, i feel the playablity is whats more important. and if you take te N4G fankid googles off you'd notice that this game plays well, and looks great. secondly only fankids really care about resolution. the average gamer wont even notice... and number 3

it seems games are being gimped this generation... Sony raised the abr and MS lowered it. i remembered when capcom announced that DMC4 was going to support 1080p at 60fps, and that was right after Team Ninja came out bragging about how NGS supported it on PS3...

Had this game stayed exclusive i think at minimum it would have had 720p standard...

So we can add DMC4 to the list of games like Skate, tony hawks proving ground, Halo 3, PGR3, and COD3 and cod4. man that bad...

Either way though That never stopped me from playing the hell out of my COD4 and skate and it certainly wont stop me from playing playing version that i deam better, Being The PS3 especially because it's made for this console first. with that.. i'll look past that 640p because it looks spectacular, Not Uncharted Good but it looks great. I cant wait to play at all... Feb 6th cant come any sooner.

meepmoopmeep4326d ago

mine is already paid in full. wOOt

felman874327d ago

640p is the kiss of death. I mean, just look at what happened to Halo 3.

ceedubya94326d ago

Halo sold millions and is usually the top game on Xbox Live. I think I missed something in your comment.

jmiscavish4326d ago

I think he was being sarcastic. Funny post.

ravenguard884326d ago

I mean, considering it only broke world record sales previously set by Halo 2.... I'm sure Microsoft recognizes their mistakes and will never make them again. Shame on them releasing a game in 640p. SHAME! How dare they sell well with that kind of low-end specification.

Anyways... I'd like to see the person who would prefer to play Crysis in 1920*1080 with the settings on medium instead of at 1024*640 with settings on very high.

Sorry guys, but a decent frame rate, some nice effects, and even a little anti-aliasing go a much longer way that brute force resolution. Drop your dreams of 1080p, it's just a number, and 99.9% of you would NEVER KNOW that every game you play doesn't fill the full specification if the developers or publishers didn't release the facts.

You all complain about it being gimped, then how about you track down this 1080p version that obviously exists because of the Microsoft conspiracy that stops Sony games from being good. If you ran the game in 1080p the visual effects and frame rate would suffer, and in games like DMC4 a CONSISTENTLY HIGH frame rate is a REQUIREMENT. You will NEVER notices the drop in resolution, but you will ALWAYS see a frame rate drop.

I don't even have to get into how 90% of 1080p HDTV owners wasted money on a resolution they'll never notices because of things like view distance. Please people, spend more time choosing the display that's right for you, not the display that has the highest number and is officially endorsed by companies like Sony that want to sell you these TVs at a premium.

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FirstknighT4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

You guys and your silly 640p comments. COD4 runs lower than Halo 3 and has the best graphics in any console game, PERIOD!

Silly guys! :)


"dont troll the GAME ZONE"

Read the guildlines of the Gamer Zone or take your comments to the open zone.

zambrota4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

Uncharted has the best graphics in any console game till date not COD4.

COD4 doesnt even look as good as UT3

dont troll the GAME ZONE


You should do that first.

COD4 best looking game on console??
might be on x360 but not on PS3 or any console.

Post your fanboyish comments in the OPEN ZONE

INehalemEXI4327d ago

Cod4 has jaggies its not the best looking. That would be Uncharted.

Rockwallaby4327d ago

but uncharted looks maybe a bit better

4327d ago
4327d ago
The Wood4327d ago

but you and zambrota should move all the 'Sorry but you lose....I win :)' stuff to the tab on the right and yes uncharted is the best graphics seen on a console thus far. It'll be interesting to see what NG2 natively runs at, I wonder cause if sigma was a first attempt on new 'hard to program for' hardware and managed 1080p then it should be a snip on the 'easy to program for' 360.

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