New Screenshots For New Little King Story On Vita

Siliconera - New Little King’s Story is still slated for release this summer in North America, and this fall in Europe, and Konami released new screenshots of the game at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo.

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Spenok2235d ago

Looking good, cant wait for this to come out. The first one was pretty awesome and far under appreciated.

guitarded772235d ago

I'm pretty hyped for it too. Never played it on Wii though. It says it's still scheduled for a summer release, but summer's damn near over and we've heard nothing about a firm release date. I think it will probably be fall, and we'll get a firm release around TGS time.

Spenok2235d ago

More than likely. Though I'm hoping for a sooner release lol.

Relientk772234d ago

Agree, it looks fantastic