Sony's Begging For Piracy

To combat piracy, your mission is clear -- provide a better service than pirates.

Competent, efficient, fast service will trump freebies for all but the most stingy of consumers, and that is why Sony practically deserves to be ripped off with its archaic way of doing business.

Using the PS Vita as the most recent example, Jimquisition proper goes off on one this week.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

40 Min installing on a handheld? Fail.. Didn't want one anyway. It will be outdated by 2014.

jujubee883246d ago

And it took well under 12 Mins to install.

Where are your Gods now? Where are your Gods now?


~throws a harpoon through your heart.

topekomsi3246d ago Show
MaxXAttaxX3246d ago

Faster than the PS3.

It's the best and most advanced dedicated gaming handheld on the market.

3246d ago
humbleopinion3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Saying that the Vita is "the most advanced dedicated gaming handheld on the market" is like saying that the X360 is "the most advanced dedicated gaming home console on the market".

What's the point of saying that when there is non-gaming dedicated hardware with far more advanced specs (any high end PC from 2007 in the case of the 360, and latest gen high end ARM based tablets/phones in case of the Vita). It doesn't have to be gaming dedicated as long as it's gaming capable.

Nimblest-Assassin3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

"To combat piracy, your mission is clear -- provide a better service than pirates.

Competent, efficient, fast service will trump freebies for all but the most stingy of consumers, and that is why Sony practically deserves to be ripped off with its archaic way of doing business."

I don't understand the logic he uses. There is no way sony can offer a better service than pirates... because in order for them to do that, they would have to pay us to play there games

Yes, there firmware updates drag on for a while, which is why I go on my computer while its doing so... but to say that a business model is a means to justify piracy is ridiculous

Sony is a buisiness...they want to make money... they can not compete for free. The PSP had huge piracy rate... the reason people buy PSP's still is because they can crack it

If I had a huge piracy rate on my previous system... I'd take action to. Problem is the people who pay are the ones suffering, and the pirates get of scot free. This is also apparent on PC with DRM, etc

Also... If apple has such a great business model.. why do people jailbreak there Iphone/Ipad/etc? Because it is free... regardless of the download speeds... free is better than paying. No business can compete with pirates. Also... how large are Ipod games compared to vita games? About 60 times the size. I don't know any console that can download a 600 mb game in 10 minutes.. unless you have a good internet connection.

So no Jim Sterling... sony's business model is not an excuse to pirate games... a pirate needs no reason other than "its free" and no business can compete with that

And seriously.. he's british? I though he was
american... his voice doesn't fit his body

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fei-hung3246d ago

When you buy a product, you buy it for its plus points not the minus points. This is the logic people fail to grasp. Depending on who you are, what you like and how you will use the product and services.

I have a Vita. I bought it handheld gaming, browsing, messaging psn contacts and for the other apps which were promised for after its release such as facebook, youtube and skype.

Granted downloading games directly from the store may take a while if it is a large file size, but thats stating the obvious. Those who have commonsense and a PS3 can easily transfer that way and a lot quicker. I transfered MGS, RE1, all 3 crash bandicoots, cool borders and destruction derby in about 15minutes.

The complaints made are not complaints as much as they are "bitching and moaning." Was there an article like this released for how Siri failed to deliver outside of the EU for over a year on an over priced product?

Was there articles made about the crappy 3D on the 3DS considering that is a core feature of the device and so much so it is called the "3DS?"

Apple games are tiny in file size compared to full Vita games. How can he compare 2 things that are nothing a like?!

In this day and age, people will go out of their way to winge and moan about things for the sake of it and completely disregard the product, its offerings and the many people who purchased it and are happy with it.

I have a dedicated handheld that plays PS Vita games, PS One games and PS Minis. Most of the Minis and PSOne games were given free via PS+. as a gamer, I couldnt ask for anything more!

I think Anon should hack his site for being an ass and complaining over his lazyness and incompetence.

SonyNGP3246d ago

I'm not gonna lie. That N4G part made me giggle.

jujubee883246d ago

But I do not want to put that kind of production value in a N4G comment. (I will leave that to the story submitted.)

miyamoto3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Loved his taste in music tho.... Drill Queen and that epic orchestral score

edit: oh it FF IX

SandWitch3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I can't agree with him. PSVITA's service is pretty good, PS Store is nice and convenient, downloads are fast, messaging app is great too etc.

Comparing PS Store to App Store is nonsense tho. App Store is great at its simplicity and convenience with iGames, just as VITA's PS Store is with VITA games. But are there any Mac classics on App Store? Maybe PS1 games? Probably no (a few PS1 games at best), because bureaucracy is big, fat and ugly b*tch that ruins life for gamers.

And ATM there are a lot of PS1 games on PSVITA's EU PS Store. I didn't count it, but I think it's 100 or nearly that. How many N64 games are on 3DS eShop? I don't know myself, but I believe there aren't many, are there?

dennett3163246d ago

And there you go proving his point, seeking to deflect onto the 3DS because it doesn't have many N64 games on it's service when that was never announced as being a feature. Sony advertised this ability, but have gone about getting it going in the worst way possible as highlighted in the video.
Users don't care about games being more complex on handhelds like Vita, they want their games and they want them quickly and efficiently....not being forced to jump through hoops at every turn and being inconvenienced by draconian security measures which will ultimately hurt no-one but the users who actually pay for the software.
Piracy is inevitable, discourage it by offering gamers a good service with minimal hassle and stop making them feel as if they're being punished in advance for the actions of a minority of pirates.
Stop ignoring the issues because someone dared to criticise a corporation for it's idiocy.

SandWitch3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

But you don't have to go through all this painful method using PS3. It's not meant to be installed this way, but rather a trick allowed by PS3-PSVITA file sharing.

You can and you should wait till it will be added to PSVITA's store if you don't want to use this trick. You think that Sony just holds PSOne classics off just to tease you, but the fact is that licensing sh** is the thing that keeps them away from release.

Edit: And I mentioned N64 just to remind that the only competitor isn't any better.

And I don't know about what ads you talk about, because I haven't seen a single PSVITA ad or a trailer that mentions PSOne classics. It was announced at E3 2012 and Sony pretty much brought the compatibility at the end of the summer.

MaxXAttaxX3246d ago

So if the 3DS is worse, why didn't he talk about it instead. Rather than focusing on trivial BS such as "it wasn't announced that way".

TronEOL3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

It's not just N64 games, it's NES, SNES, AND N64. He actually proves a good point I never looked at. Since Nintendo is just the god of all things gaming, and can do no wrong it's just allowed. But god forbid Sony *doesn't* provide things nobody else does! And when they do, it's not enough even though their direct competitor is doing worse.

Same thing happened with the 360 against the PS3 (for years now), and the same thing happens with handhelds.

I'll say it again (like I've been saying for years of reading stupid media like this), Sony will never catch a break.

It's a sad day when the only publisher looking out for the core gamers gets destroyed by "gamers", meanwhile the other guys focusing on how many friends you can talk to at once, and games meant for children are getting high-fives.

Also, that's a horrible reason to pirate games. They're selling games that are almost of PS3/Xbox360 quality for $20-$40, and they still "deserve" to be pirated? That's not why people pirate. They do it because they never planned on spending the money in the first place.

Lord_Sloth3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Maybe he's a Nintendoid. Speaking out against Nintendo is a fast way to lose popularity anyway. The Big N could sell a Virus that frags HDDs and tell everybody that it's a virus that frags HDDs and people would pay for it, have to buy a new HDD, and then would buy the HDD fragging Virus again.

Hating on Sony and the Vita is popular right now. Just like everybody hating on FFVII.

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BitbyDeath3246d ago

'And ATM there are a lot of PS1 games on PSVITA's EU PS Store. I didn't count it, but I think it's 100 or nearly that.'

It was around 130 games

swansong3246d ago ShowReplies(5)
iamnsuperman3246d ago

I am all up for people spouting their opinions but this video was hard to watch because of the unnecessary use of bad language.

dennett3163246d ago

F*** off!! ;)

Just kidding, but really, time to get some less sensitive ears and listen to the opinion rather than faking being shocked because of a few curse words.

iamnsuperman3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I am not shocked but his opinion just comes across as a very immature, aggressive rant than a well though-out piece of journalism. Just unnecessary

morganfell3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

That is because at the end of the day he is an adolescent. His use of language occurs a result of the misguided notion such behavior signifies maturity. Nothing is further from the truth.

Despite his position and supposed work commenting ON the industry, he has yet to develop any sense of insight, let alone self confidence.

At some point we have to write such persons off. I am not saying I never learned anything from the children in my family, but the type of intuitive wonderment of which kids remind us is a far cry from the juvenile delinquent posturing by this person.

pandaboy3246d ago

You really are a piece of work morganfail. If you bothered to actually listen to any of Jim's arguments they are always backed up with logical and justifiable reasoning. Enough of your straw man nonsense, even if you grant that he is immature for using cuss words it doesn't invalidate the argument at hand.

joeorc3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

unlike Morgan, jim really is a piece of work, he's self centered, arrogant and worse of all people really buy into that crap he's spewing, maybe its the fact he does not run such a large company as Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft, or Maybe it's his statement that Sony deserved to get pirated, that makes him such a tool? Any and i use this term with a very larger freaking pile of salt "game journalist" that say's any of these companies be that Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft deserve as he put it "pirated" than How much of being a game journalist can you really call him?

once again his very large Pie whole of a mouth speak's , before his brain tell's him to shut the hell up!

joke video or not calling for piracy against a game company , an him being once again i term this with a high mountain of salt "game journalist" just gave other's in his profession a black mark for anyone even close to this guy.

why would any game company give him any software to review?

DrTwinkletoes3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

That's been Jim's satirical style for years. If it's not your thing it's not your thing, but he actually is very mature with his arguments.

A-Glorious-Dawn3246d ago

I do agree really.

I liked the arguments and it has brought to my attention some issues which I did not know about, since I don't own a Vita.

But his intonation and choice of words makes his argument seem juvenile, which it isn't...

This is all just my opinion, but I live in a house with many people and by listening to this video the terrible language catches me off guard, people around me hear it and I feel embarrassed because it seems like I'm watching juvenile, childish fodder.

I guess if this is what the readers of escapist magazine find funny....

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