PlayStation Store Preview – September 4th, 2012: LOL Edition

This week’s update would be rather dull, but thanks to the PS3′s Laugh Factory app, your side will be in stitches from laughter. Speaking of laughing out loud, for once you won’t have to point and laugh at how empty the Vita page is—there are actually two new and free games coming to the PS Vita this week. Check them out! - PSLS

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Sev2236d ago

I'm actually really excited about this Laugh Factory app. I love stand up.

Paragon2236d ago

What's the story behind that image that's always used for articles about PS Store?

androctonvs2236d ago

Zoltar... From the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks. Back in the day, we didn't know what would come out on psn...

DivineAssault 2236d ago

This isnt the best week for me personally but theres alot coming starting with LBP vita.. Street Fighter X Tekken, Silent Hill, Persona 4 golden, & Frobisher says & thats just for vita.. Okami HD is another i plan to purchase on ps3.. Keep it coming sony.. No BS excuses n whining about vita not having any games after all this..

phantomexe2236d ago

i'm going keep complaining because you may find those to be great games for the vita but i don't and i know i'm not alone.

DivineAssault 2236d ago

well that sucks for you... Theres alot more coming out for 3DS right? lol

Teflon022236d ago

you disagrees say otherwise lol. But really, if you are not interested in, LBP Vita, Assassins Creed III Liberation, Persona 4 Golden, Ragnarok Odyessy, CoD Black Ops Declassified, PSASBR, NFSMW, S&ASRT, UGA, JSRHD, Guacamelee, Gravity Rush, Disgaea 3, Rayman origins, Dynasty Warriors NEXT, UMvC3 And the best version of SFxT. and all portable ready for the go and those are all high quality games for this year. If you don't like any of those, I gotta say you are one odd gamer lol. The people who say Vita has no games are either haters, really extreme/Console only gamers or people that don't understand or know anything lol, you'd be the first to say the lack of games of interest.

MysticStrummer2235d ago

Four hours later and still zero agrees. You may be alone.

phantomexe2235d ago

The 3ds has a great deal of unique games that you can't get anywhere else but i don't own a 3ds. AC liberation looks great and so does call of duty but call of duty isn't going sell hardware like some of you think. AC is the only day one buy for me. Other then that i own uncharted golden abyss. One more thing having 20 agrees or degrees dosn't make a person right or wrong on this site. It's n4g

DarkHeroZX2226d ago

so am I suppose to mark this as trolling?

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DeleteThisxx2236d ago

I agree with phantomexe, I am an avid Sony supporter and I'm pretty upset that my Vita gets little to no attention compared to my 3DS. Sure, there are games coming out but unfortunately not much that we haven't seen before.

I don't understand your whole "there's a lot more coming out for the 3DS" comment either. The 3DS has a fantastic library right now whereas the Vita is rather lackluster at the moment. Regardless, I'm glad you're enjoying your Vita but like phantom said, a lot of us are left with a bitter taste in our mouth.

I know a lot more games will come out but it's definitely taking Sony awhile to get the ball rolling.

Teflon022236d ago

So what's little to no support? Cross Buy? Cross Play? ACIIIL? LBP Vita (Better then LBP2 IMO and I loved all LBP but PSP, loved the Vita Beta though). definitive version of SFXT, NfSMW & S&ASRT identical to console versions, A awesome re make of arguably one of the best RPGs Persona 4 Golden. PSASBR, Ratchet, Uncharted, WipEout 2048, Ragnarok Odyssey (I loved the jap demo). I can go on and thats not with Crunchyroll, Crackle & Hulu coming (tho Hulu isn't in Canada) and more, as well as being able to work previously purchased PSN items like PSP titles and PSOne. at no extra cost, Like me I had FFVII-IX already, Wild ARMS 2, and Crash 2, 3, CTR & Rayman 2. All but the Crashs work and a found a PSP Go like a month before Peace Walker on PSP released and bought it day one as well as a bunch like Megaman Maverick hunter, the Warriors and the SEGA Genesis collection. Point is it has a little disappointment from sonys handling i agree but it DOES NOT LACK support. I have 3 games just on Nov 20th to get -__-. and atleast a couple every month but december and I'll just catch up and missed titles like Dynasty Warriors. 3DS had the worse support I've had on a system, and I bought it for $250 on June 21 2011 because my bro showed me OoT, I personally couldn't believe the lack of EVERYTHING on the system, but starting Nov 2011 it got decent and now its good, not great but good. I will say sony needs to be more aggressive, maybe advertising from LBP onward hard and the $250, LBP, AC, CoD, & PSASBR bundles will help with additional offers on black friday and boxing week

DeleteThisxx2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )


Man, anybody can go off and name every single game that is coming out for any system. We can all bicker about this on and on but at the end of the day it comes down to preference.

I won't lie, I will be purchasing ACIII:L because I'm genuinely interested in it and it's exclusive to the Vita. However, some of the games you listen are available on a console and that is my preferred platform for said games. I picked up every single launch title for the Vita that interested me (Uncharted, WipeOut, Rayman (Own on PS3), BlazBlue and Modnation. I can't say I was blown away or left satisfied with any of them.

When I pick up a new console, I don't want to rely on re-prints, ports, or PSP/PS1 games that I already own. Sure, they're nice but it's not my definitive reason for purchasing a system. Also, fighting games on a handheld are not my shtick, I play them competitively at tournaments (SSFIV, UMvC3, etc) and I will never say a handheld version is superior because it lacks fightstick support.

Like I said, I'm glad there are people out there who are enjoying it. I'm not. Persona 4 Golden is a re-print of a game I've completed numerous times. Sure, there's no denying it's great but I've already enjoyed that game to it's fullest extent. Digital PSP games are obsolete to me because I prefer to own physical copies of my games.

At the end of the day, I have a reason to play my PS3 and bring my 3DS with me when I go out. I can't say the same for my Vita.

androctonvs2236d ago

Fifa's also coming out soon.

GenericNameHere2235d ago

The Vita DOES have games. It's just that I'm too poor to afford them all. I want SFxTekken Vita (I LOVED UMvC3 on Vita, and felt it was as polished and fast as the console versions, so I want this on the go), LBP Vita, Ragnarok Oddysea (I REALLY WANT THIS GAME!), Jet Set Radio HD (I'll def get both PS3 and Vita versions), AC Liberations, P4 Golden, and many other games. Plus, I really want that Gundam game (that is and will probably never come out outside of Japan), and PS1 Classics that I'll never be able to redownload since I only have a 4 GB memory card.

*sigh* I'll only be able to get JSRHD and P4G though... Anyone here mad we can't all be rich and afford all the games we want? :p

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ShabbaRanks2236d ago

OMFG this fu**ing Krave Add on N4G is driving me crazy


on topic: all I want right now is that BF3 DLC

LOL_WUT2236d ago

Get AdBlock dude you'll never see another ad again.

LOL edition I like that. ;)

kingPoS2236d ago

Ya know, I never knew n4g had ads til I used IE. They were everywhere! lol

Finally! some people to play Borderlands with again.

GenericNameHere2235d ago

Speaking of Borderlands, can't wait for tomorrow's PS+ update! I've never played Borderlands before, and with B2 coming out in about 2 weeks, i'm definitely excited! :D

doogiebear2236d ago

I'm happy for guys like u who havent owned it yet--so now u get it free. But I already own that game though.

I'm more interested in the other 2 games for the month. They'll probably roll out next week, but i hope it's not more 2d games like Outlands. it's a decent game, but Europe is getting WAY better games than the United States (and we paid the same amount region wise).

BitbyDeath2236d ago

I pay $70 per year here in Oz, think you guys in the states get it cheaper.

postofficebuddy2236d ago

Borderlands?! Hell yeah! Might pick up Spelunker as well.

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