"HD DVD camp is spending millions of dollars on a desperate Super Bowl commercial. "

Today, football fans will revel in the battle between quarterbacks Eli Manning and Tom Brady but that's not the only war taking shape in Arizona: the high-definition fight is heating up as more viewers opt for next-gen TV sets to watch Super Bowl XLII. Also, the Blu-Ray-versus-HD DVD battle begins a new chapter with a last-ditch commercial effort by the bruised HD DVD group...The HD DVD camp is looking to bounce back after a disappointing week ending Jan. 12 - according to NPD, Blu-ray player sales accounted for 90 per cent of high-def player market share, while HD DVD only took 7 per cent.

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quen_gta24323d ago

Did I miss it. I watched 99% of the game and didn't remember seeing the ad.

Hagaf224323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

you didnt miss it, it would seem they wised up and got their money back out of that deal, 90 percent of the market is blu. one 3 million dollar ad isn't going to change that so much so that 90 percent goes hddvd.

edit: who disagreed? does some one honestly think that 3 million dollars is going to change a multi billion dollar market? if you disagree at least make a statement to back it.

Ri0tSquad4323d ago

Anywho.......GIANTS FTW

Rybnik4323d ago

Yeah, I too was surprised by that (no Tosh commercial, lol...guess they realize that HDDVD really is done. Perhaps they heard the MS rumors of impending B-ray support) Anyway, who woulda thunk it--Giants FTMFW? \

Speaking of, didn't Ryan Peyton say if the Giants won he would reveal a big secret about MGS4??

sonarus4323d ago

hahaha yea i didnt see it either they wised up and saw they saw the useless ness. Meanwhile patriots lots tom brady looked like a bit** while the true reasons patriots were 18-0 played their best moss passes were over thrown over and over cus brady's fakeness welker did his best to carry the team as always when moss and brady dnt connect. But the play of the game was when manning almost got sacked escaped 2 pass rushers and still managed to get a complete pass which put them in place to score the final touchdwn with 39 secs left.
The more deserving team one. Patriots with all their weapons and stars that have almost been upset by weaker teams so many times this season. eagles almost did it ravens had them but their coach f'd it up. giants almost had them the last time they met and this time they did it. Enough of my football rant though

Marceles4323d ago

I guess the rule for next year is:

No QB girlfriends aloud.

I missed the commercial too...

Rybnik4323d ago

Right with ya Sonarus..that TD was amazingly well played-great 4th Q. The Giants really did deserve their win!

4323d ago
4323d ago
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Covenant4323d ago

Watched the whole game, and with Tivo,I didn't miss anything when I went for a refill, bathroom break, etc...and I never saw an HD-DVD commercial. I think maybe they realized that at this point, it would be a wasted effort.

(BTW, one of the best Super Bowl games I've ever seen.)

mikeslemonade4323d ago

Yea I didn't see the HD-DVD group commercial.

About the game: Tom Brady is a coward and Eli Manning did not go down when he was about to get sacked.

games4fun4323d ago

i was like holy sh$t! three hands were on his jersy and he sidestepped it like it was nothing then he throws the ball and the guy who catches it uses his helmet and a hand to make a circus catch highlight of the game right there

mikeslemonade4323d ago

David Tyree was at the right place at the right time. Also the Giants head coach Tom Coughlin was about to get fired at end of this season and the irony is is that he won the superbowl.

sonarus4323d ago

yea i cnt wait 2 see the replay on but that was easily the play of the game. I was gettin all sad when i saw the sack he escaped ran right man open completed the pass and everyone was waiting for a flag but no flags. outstanding effort especially by the new york giants defense its not easy to contain the patriots with their weapons like maroney, welker, faulk and moss. but they did it. mvp of the game has to go to either welker or manning

mikeslemonade4323d ago

Well they gave the MVP to Eli. The mvp should have been given to Osi Umenyiora who led the charge of the constant pressure on Brady.

sonarus4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )
Thats the link for the play eli manning miracle if anyone wants to see. I think manning deserved it. On that play alone shows how much he wanted to win. Refused to accept the sack kept running and he escaped usually plays like that end up in interceptions but luck was on their side that time. On that play alone he deserves the mvp. To think a couple of months ago they were talking about firing him. The giants defense played outstanding on a whole so you can't give it to one person on the defense so if i had to pick someone i would give welker but since patriots lost had to go to manning.

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Bathyj4323d ago

I honestly think each HDDVD player and movies should come with a warning now, the way cigarettes do.

This product will be obsolete in under 6 months and you will feel like a douche for buying it.

Covenant4323d ago

Great avatar. Spanky Ham FTW!

Bathyj4323d ago

My Homer having fun on the couch was complained about. I had to draw a new one.

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