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Downloadable content in video gaming is much akin to a short story spinoff to the novel from which it was conceived. It is completely unnecessary, but enhances the player’s experience within the main game. DLC is also very much commonplace these days, especially for big-name titles. It’s also usually confined to arbitrary expansions that don’t really matter, such as multiplayer map packs, or a new addition to your game’s arsenal of weaponry. However, story-centric downloadable content is increasingly being developed. Earlier this summer, the fantasy epic Skyrim received such content, in the form of the very-well executed scenario called Dawnguard. Now, it’s Mass Effect 3′s turn once again to add another chapter into an already gripping story.

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mananimal2236d ago

2.0 - 2.5, tht wld be my score.

ghostman1232236d ago

Why? Was it not on par with other missions throughout the game? I didn't think it lacked in quality any more than the missions on Rannoch or Tuchanka. So why is it such a bad DLC?

The complaint I hear the most is "It doesn't change the ending of the game." but you know what? Neither did ANY of the DLC in ME2. It all took place before the suicide mission, but nobody complained there. The game is 30+ hours of awesome with about 10 minutes of shit (the ending). I'd categorize the missions in this DLC more on the awesome side as far as the game overall is concerned.

TheSuperior 2236d ago

ME3 was a great game all up until the ending, but because of the ending it doesnt mean the entire game sucked. Its sad a development team had to get their game and idea shot down by so many fans for one little part (even if it was an important part).

NWCC2236d ago

ME3 is still my best game of 2012 :)

V1ncent1Zer02233d ago

I personally agree with ghost and superior above. It is almost as though all that exists of ME3 is that ending. Having said that, the finality of the conclusion with Shepard dead or 'evolved' for two out of three endings does put a dampner on some gamers' reception to this dlc. By the end of ME2 Shep was alive, and I suppose most players continued with the dlcs as post suicide mission events- an approach that obviously can't be catered to in ME3.

Sure the ending isn't the best that an invested player would have hoped for, but I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the journey that is Mass Effect nonetheless. Besides I have 6 Sheps to play through and as with ME2 each play through has been different not just because of the respective choices available and made, but also the successive dlcs that uniquely expanded the adventure for each before the suicide mission, after which my Sheps went to Earth to await ME3. And this is my approach for ME3: welcoming anything that expands that journey before it all ends on Earth. And 'Leviathan' is a fine expansion to that journey offering a welcome break from the eavesdropping go fetch structure war asset missions . But that is just me.

It may not be a dlc that everyone picks up from the get-go for various reasons: be that a reaction to the ending; pragmatically awaiting a GOTY edition or a drop in price; have simply moved on.