GameTap: Burnout Paradise Review

Dana Jongewaard of GameTap writes: Driving in Burnout--having the freedom to do nothing at all--is amazingly addictively fun. The open world is an evolution that keeps this from becoming a series that has only minor changes from year to year, and it's executed really well, with graphics that are still gorgeous and a frame rate that runs as smoothly as butter. I love this new format and can't imagine going back.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Burnout Paradise is that the barrier between online and offline play is almost invisible. You can be playing along by yourself, and then with a click of a button, you can invite another friend to join you in an event. It's one of the most organic transitions I've seen yet, and Criteron is definitely a pioneer in how online gaming will continue to evolve.

Pros: Driving around the city is tons of fun; tons of things to do; chasing down your new cars is a blast.

Cons: Not being able to replay events can be a big pain; lots of pausing till you learn the city; wish showtime had been incorporated into the scoring more.

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