Sid Meier on Civilization Revolution and his next plans

He is maybe the most important game designer veteran. For 25 years now, Sid Meier has created jewels like Silent Service, Pirates! or Civilization. But in the last couple of years, the grandmaster didn't create original IPs anymore – all the games in the last seven years were remakes of his own oldies. But now, Sid promises to make new IPs, once more.

On April 28th, Meier's company Firaxis plans to publish Civilization Revolution – which is the first Civilization for consoles and which could be the first original Firaxis title in a long time. Jörg Langer spoke with the 53-year-old American, who will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award of this years' Games Developers Conference.

Sid Meier says in the interview that "I enjoy the idea of doing something I haven't done before, so a MMO would fit perfectly, but I really can't say if that would be the next game we do or if it's still a couple of games down the road before we come to that. Because I have new single player games I want to do, as well."

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SpaceCowgirl4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

It really dissapoints me to find that the newest Civilizaition game is going to be kind of "dumbed down" for consoles. I mean why shouldn't I be able to play a nice 20-30 hour game if i wanted to? That is what makes these kind of games fun, kind of like Europa Universalis, each tiny little decision can have a huge impact on the rest of the game. I really don't like strategy games that are over too quickly. My favorite SC, Warcraft and C&C games are the one where somehow everyone survives to the end and you have to siege eachother's big bases. I mean I have played lord of the rings battlefield earth games which have lasted almost 10 hours, they were glorious.

Sure not everyone has all the time in the world, but when I get a weekend off I should have the option to hop on x-box live and grind out a 20 hour game with some buddies.