What If Everyone Could Make Videogames?

An excerpt from the article by Mark DeLoura:

"Let's say you want to make a game today. Where would you start? Assuming you want to share the game with your friends, the consoles and handhelds are virtually off-limits due to their strict distribution rules. Microsoft's XNA Creators Club for the Xbox 360 is about as flexible as you get, and even after buying into the service, you can only share your games with other members of the club. The PC and cell phone aren't a bad way to go, but conquering the installation process on systems with such varied hardware is hard, even for a professional. Your best bet is probably the web, which leaves Adobe's Flash, which is installed on 95 percent of today's PCs. But even Flash is fairly complex, and the development environment is expensive. Really, it's very difficult for a novice to strike out on his own."

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Skerj4327d ago

Unreal Tournament Mods, sure there's a learning curve but that's to be expected.

jaja14344327d ago

People all to often spend time complaining about how a game has "X" bug or only runs at "X" resolution and choose to complain about why these problems exist. When the simple fact of the matter is that game development is hard, very very hard. That combined with average pay for extremely long hours and little to no job security, it's no wonder the field is very limited. I can't count the number of CS(Computer Science) majors change their degree plan once they make it past the basic into to programing class. Hell I go to school that has a population of about 30k and out of all those people there are about 300 CS majors past the intro classes. It's just a very very hard degree and most people go in thinking how much fun it will be to sit down and make games, but all the while forgetting the advanced mathematics, computer arc., and Logic design classes that are necessary.

There is a very good reason people with CS, and by extension Gamer designers degrees are few and far between.